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  1. Team White
    It's amazing how time flies! Bought my first T5 in October last year, joined this forum in December and wanted to share some of the minor modifications but it's taken until now for me to find some time to start writing things up. I'll start with the DRL's from Van-X. For aftermarket units...
  2. T4 Conversions
    I was hoping that someone in the south Wales area could give us a quote to fill and spray 4 drill holes that a "specialist" in Dub conversions made to our van? It's 4 holes in the metal of a t4 tailgate door. I am very unhappy , as you could imagine. Thanks!!!!!!
  3. General Van Chat
    Hey Folks, Hope you all well and good in this community. We just like to say Happy Halloween in advance and hope you all have spooky time for next week! Take Care! - Team Van-X.
  4. General Technical
    Van-x window leaking through holes Hi! Does anyone know how to stop water coming in from holes? Why are they on the window? And can I just simply block them up with tiger seal or something similar?? Cheers guys! ...
1-4 of 5 Results