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  1. Show us your Leisure battery set up

    Hey guys, I'm looking at leisure batteries. There's heaps of options and ways of fitting them so I feel a little swamped. Lets see your Battery set up, where have you placed it, what would you have done different, if you vented and how you vented? See if someone out there can inspire me to...
  2. Gas bottle location and venting?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi out there, I have a kitchen that goes across the back of my T5. I have a smev 9222 on top of my kitchen unit. I want to locate my gas bottle where the jack usually sits. (Rear of n/s wheel arch). Questions: Has anybody located there gas bottle here and cut a hole in the floor for venting...
  3. Halfords Leisure Battery Venting

    Hi guys! Bought my first T4 a few weeks back, a CMC conversion. The leisure battery was knackered so I replaced it with a Halfords 110Amp hour one. I refitted it where the original one was in the cupboard, just in front of the wheel arch. After reading up more, I discovered the fact that you are...
  4. leisure battery venting help needed!!

    Im planning on fitting/wiring a leisure battery today/tomoz. but ive just bought a 110A leisure and have read up about venting it. problem is the leisure battery ive just bought from Halfords does not have a venting hole for a tube. what can i do?? does this mean it doesnt need venting or shall...