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  1. Delivery codes

    General T5 Chat
    Hi peeps, Bought my Caravelle 4motion used and in the service book there are some codes with the option codes its delivered with/without. Can anyone help me decode these? /Maggy, The (male) Swede
  2. T4 a to b - the bluffers guide to T4 spotting

    T4 Articles & Information
    T4's Look The Same - Could You Spot The Differences ? External Changes T4a January 1990 to December 1995 (upto VIN T_199000) All T4a's have a Short Nose 1990 to 1993 3-piece front panel, small angular bumpers - the rear bumper being in three sections... ... and the VW emblem is just under...
  3. The Meaning Of - The Chassis Number

    VW Warranty / Technical Articles
    The 17 digit chassis number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was introduced in 1982 and applies to all vehicles built - and sold - in the European "home" market, which includes the UK. Vehicles built - and sold - elsewhere may have different codes. A typical T4 VIN number is WV1 ZZZ 70 Z...
  4. T4 Axle Weights - A Summary

    Technical Articles
    T4 Axle Weights Choosing suitable tyres for the T4 that comply with United Kingdom and increasingly standardized Worldwide "Construction and Use" regulations can be problematic, especially when choosing tyres for non standard and oversized wheels. The following reference guide summarizes...
  5. T4 Transporter Servicing

    Technical Articles
    Late, 2000 on, T4's and all T5's (petrol and diesel models) could be set to have either Variable or Time and Distance servicing regimes. By now most T4's will have "defaulted" to Time and Distance or Annual servicing, which has always been best for low to average mileage vehicles, as...
  6. Standard Tyre And Wheel Sizes

    Technical Articles
    Factory Recommended Tyre And Wheel Tyre Sizes (also showing the overall running diameter) T4a January 1990 to December 1995 5.5Jx14 ET51 steel wheels 185R14C 99/97 N or P (652mm) 6Jx15 ET44 steel wheels 195/70R15C 97S (654mm) 205/65R15C 100T (648mm) 7Jx15 ET35 alloy factory and...
  7. The 02D Syncro Gearbox

    Technical Articles
    The T4 Syncro's initial launch in August 1992 saw the introduction of the 02D gearbox, a development of the 02B with an additional housing for the drive to the rear wheels. Options included a range of rear differential units to make the set, depending on whether a differential lock and / or...
  8. T4 Fuel Consumption List

    T4 Articles & Information
    The following published data consists of combined (that is, average) fuel consumption figures derived from data collected during Type Approval test cycles on empty passenger vehicles, so they have little or no value in the "real world" - they are used merely as reference points to compare with...
  9. The 02B Gearbox

    Technical Articles
    The 02B Gearbox is a beefed up 5-speed gearbox derived from the new cable operated 02A gearbox first found in the '89 Corrado, '88 Passat and Mk2 Golf G60 and grew into the 02Z gearbox found in the 4-cylinder T5 models. Gear selection in the Transporter is relayed by heavy duty rods rather...
  10. Vw Paint Code List.

    Customising / Modding
    Have you ever wondered what your paint code is or what your colour is called ? :confused: I just posted this as a reply on another thread but thought it would make sense to also do it as a dedicated thread as it may come in useful to others here aswell. There may be some codes missing, but i...
  11. Decode Your Chassis Number

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Decoding The Chassis Number or VIN number Since 1982, all vehicles leaving the production line are required to have a 17 digit chassis number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Here follows a break down of the T4's chassis number system - as found stamped on the scuttle panel below the...
  12. Motor Caravan Unladen Weights

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Can anyone tell me the unladen weight of their Autosleeper, California, Carthago, or Dehler, Reimo, etc etc Motor Caravan. I've just unearthed an EU amendment regarding Motor Caravans and taxation - if a Motor Caravan has an unladen weight (reference weight,they call it) of over 2000kg they...
  13. 2001 Caravelle Information

    Caravelle Literature
    2001 Caravelle Information
  14. 1997 Sales Brochure

    Caravelle Literature
    1997 Caravelle Sales Brochure
  15. ECU codes

    Engine & Gearbox
    I found some ECU codes on my travels and thought they might be of some use, VW T4 TDI 2,5 AHY 074906021M VW T4 TDI 2,5 AHY 074906018D VW T4 TDI 2,5 AHY 074906018N VW T4 TDI 2,5 AHY 074906018AN VW T4 TDI 2,5 AJT 074906018B VW T4 TDI 2,5 AJT 074906021S VW T4 TDI 2,5 AJT 074906018AK VW T4 TDI 2,5...