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  1. Loom under drivers seat - T5

    Greetings from NZ, I've just purchased a 2006 6 speed manual 2.5l 4 Motion VW T5. I'm in the process of stripping it and turning it into a weekend surf mission wagon. This will include a second battery with a VSR and have it hooked up to solar with a control unit. A small 300w sine...
  2. Do I need DC - DC charger for AGM leisure battery?

    2002 2.5 TDI ACV Hi all, anyone any experience of this please? I've been putting off the instillation of the whole leisure system as I've not been able to find an answer to this question hoping that you good folks can help please? I've a 110 A/H AGM battery that'll be fed via a fused feed...
  3. Dc-dc / mppt upgrade from split VSR

    Engine & Gearbox
    I'm looking at solar panel and mppt. Currently have a travel volts vsr. Should I look to upgrade the VSR to a dc-dc with solar input or just get a mppt and join to the current setup? How are dc-dc wired? Can I use the cable my current VSR uses if I upgraded?
  4. VSR doesn't disconnect due to high voltage

    I'm a bit puzzled and want to get some feedback. Just finished installing a split charge VSR set up. Second battery under seat. 110ah agm. Battery's brand new so fully charged. It seems to be working fine. Thing is when I switch the engine off it can take hours for the voltage to drop below...
  5. Voltage Sensitive Relay - problems/help needed

    I've just installed my split charge system using a Durite Voltage Sensitive Relay, which I'm familiar with having used them in the same way in the split charge systems on my landrovers. I'm having issues in that the VSR is not working, despite being wired correctly with positive from starter...
  6. Where in Bristol 12v cables etc?

    Hi there - where in Bristol can I buy cables, VSR relay, fuses etc to put a 12v system in my van. I noticed another thread on this topic but none of the links are local. One link is for Leeds... I've just picked up a dual battery holder from jkay and am keep to get some wiring done ;-) Cheers Jon
  7. Split charge using 8 gauge cable

    Hi all, I tried searching but either couldn't find anything or the answers I did find didn't quite fit my situation so apologies if this has been covered. Can anyone tell me if this setup will be ok for split charging? I have loads of 8 gauge (good quality) power cable which is left over from...
  8. Split charging info please??

    Hi, I am fitting a durite vsr, a leisure battery, and a pms3. What I am wondering is if when I am hooked up to 230v, will the pms3 charge both batteries because of the vsr, or do I have to run a separate cable to each battery?? Many thanks, Richard
  9. VSR (voltage sensing relay)

    hi guys, i was just wondering where u all get your VSR's from and what ampherage they need to be able to take? Robbie