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  1. Customising / Modding
    Hi all has anyone had this problem? I want to fix an Alloy wheel to the underneath of my T4 and replace the factory steel, trouble is the the alloy is thicker and lowering the rack has helped but, now i need longer bolts with a 30mm spacer. anyone know where i can find the correct one? The size...
  2. General T4 Chat
    Just seen a video posted on you tube by Penrose Outdoors giving a really good description on an inflatable awning. Well worth a watch if your thinking of an awning, the chap even explains how to attach it. I am happy as they used my van to attach it to A: Worth a discount I: Have a nose.
  3. eBay Listings
    VW T4 and T5 FOR SALE by VW Trans4mers in Hedge End. We have always got new stock in, Independant inspections are welcome. We also supply and fit Genuine VW windows, sliding or panel. We Insulate ply and carpet, colour code, and many other service. please visit our website...