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  1. Electrical
    I'm looking for advice on replacing my rcd210 stereo in my t5.1. I would like to have Bluetooth calling and apple car play if possible. There seems to be a loads of options head unit wise, I just don't want to choose a something rubbish. Any insight appreciated.
  2. Steering & Suspension
    Hi, I have a 2014 T5.1 and can't seem to find a size for replacement bushes. Some websites state 22mm but others have different sizes. Can anybody confirm the correct size bushes for my van? Thank you.
  3. Vee Dub Transporters
    Get your Transporter looking just the way you want it! This weekend we have a wide range of products on sale for the T4, T5, T5.1 and T6! CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT
  4. Electrical
    Can anyone help? Had a right 'school-boy' error when fitting puddle lights!!...i inadvertently cut the window motor earth cable (thats earthed at top of door (T5.1) but as its a coax cable i can't just 'join' together....Grrrr anyone know of either small coax joiner or similar? Any help...
  5. General T5 Chat
    Saw the nicest T5.1 Pickup today. Was black, pretty low, wooden slats at the back. Only pic I could find that was remotely like it was this one...
1-5 of 5 Results