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  1. Team Black
    Team Rust , Black , Green , Brown sparkler lol . Latest project T4 she has got a proper rusty front bucket T: . Its not real rust BTW Lol
  2. Wheels & Tyres
    Just changed my 4 15 inch steely to 4 17 inch silver alloys ( Freebie off a good pal ) powder coated and refurbed in Black gloss . They look as new and cost me 45 a wheel . Also 4 new 225 50 17 98 tyres Comfy ride Rasp: . Also had a new tinted window fitted in the sliding door . T:
  3. T4 Conversions
    This is my first post, and my first van and you guessed it my first conversion. It is something i have wanted to do for years but hadn’t found a decent base vehicle within budget and had to just thrown a tent in the car or find some other bed to sleep in. I’m not planning for this conversion to...
  4. Team White
    Here is Cargo and my first T4 build She started life as a London Command Ambulance 2.5tdi 2001 15,500 miles I bought her in February 2013 Then I set to work First thing was to remove meters of cabling and modems from her ambulance days. I accidentally cut the main headlight cables and...
1-4 of 4 Results