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  1. T5 chassis platorm with Wheelchair bus body in process of converting to camper.

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi Guys Kasver here I bought a T5 2009 based Wheelchair bus to convert into a camper and surprise , surprise have been having a few issues. As I am more used to petrol engines on a steep learning curve with a diesel engine. Also, my T5 engine is a BNZ coded one and finding it difficult to find...
  2. VW T4 T5 surf youtube tutorials

    General T4 Chat
    hi all, been a member of this forum for donkeys, and have decided to start some cool easy to watch ( hopefully ) videos all about how to do your own upholstery mainly to campervans, and some surf related accessories, i have popped up a few videos to watch, if any of you were interested...
  3. New Team White Member

    Team White
    Hi All, picked up my first ever VW Transporter last night. She's a 2004 1.9 TDI Kombi: Can anyone recommend a someone I could take her for a service/thorough check over before I start clocking up the miles? Preferably close to Brighton. Thinking of upgrading the suspension as she seems a bit...
  4. Lightweight ply and bamboo

    T5 Conversions
    Hello all. Does anyone know where I can buy lightweight ply and bamboo sheets in the Poole / Portsmouth area ? (that doesn't require a trade account). I'm collecting my van this weekend and have the opportunity to get some while I'm there rather than try to get 8x4 sheets shipped to Jersey...
  5. Finally.....our very first 'T'-Dayvan/family bus/daily driver/raceday transport

    LWB Garage (All Versions)
    We took the plunge , finally and here is our first 'T' as she arrived with no mods (yet) from me! I: Outside: Inside: Plans now are: Move the double passenger seat back to the front Swivel seat bases in the front Move 3-seat bench forward slightly (if possible, I think there...
  6. Leisure battery T5 - drivers seat

    Hi guys and gals We currently have a leisure battery neatly installed under the driver's seat. This is currently running at 100ah and would be looking to upgrade, mainly because the charge doesn't hold for long so I suspect it has been discharged fully a few times. In terms of practicability...
  7. VW T5 1.9tdi camper conversion 2004, 130,000miles

    Vans For Sale
    F For sale is my beloved VW T5 campervan conversion in excellent condition and with loads of additions/extras and full service history for £10,000 This is a 54 plate VW T5 Kombi van and is still registered as such, it has only covered 131000 miles and has tons of life left to give. The van...
  8. Beckenham Freeway Pictures

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi I have a Beckenham Freeway. T5 version, raising roof. The window leaked so needed a new floor. New floor installed correctly by repairer but kitchen reassembly problems. Can anyone help with photos or floor plans to show how the kitchen should be assembled? Main concern is design around...
  9. Ok now I am officially confused!

    Engine & Gearbox
    I've just been in to see a LWB T5 here in Sweden and had a talk with the VW representative. The van is second hand and has done around 93k miles. I asked the question about cambelt change and he assured me that the cambelt isn't changed on any T5 until it has reached 200k km (125k miles)! I've...
  10. First LWB T5 camper conversion buying advise

    General T5 Technical
    Hello to everyone. Sorry, wasn't sure where to post this question. This is my first post on your forum, so be gentle! I live in Sweden and am looking to buy my first LWB T5 panel van to convert into a camper. (I know.....another one!!) I've seen a 2011 T5 2.0 TDi (102hp) which has done 74000...
  11. Buying advice for first LWB T5

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hello to everyone. This is my first post on your forum, so be gentle! I live in Sweden and am looking to buy my first LWB T5 panel van to convert into a camper. (I know.....another one!!) I've seen a 2011 T5 2.0 TDi (102hp) which has done 74000 miles and Co2 of 198g for equivalent of about...
  12. T% kombi headliner with elec sunroof removal

    Hi. I have been able to find any info anywhere on hhow to remove the headliner from the cab in 8 seat T5 kombi:* I get all the rest free, buut somehow the sunroof opening is fastened the the roof. Does Anyone know how to safely get this off? Thanks:)
  13. Caravelle Bumpers for 2007 T5

    Customising / Modding
    Hey all, I'm after some Caravelle bumpers for my T5 that I can colour code. Prices seem to vary wildly. Some also seem to include the grill + badge and others don't. Is there a manufacturer I can buy them from or should I keep searching eBay? My van has a tailgate, which means there's two...
  14. T5 advice on van buy

    General T5 Chat
    I'm looking to purchase a t5 campervan and I'm new to the vw world, I've found one that looks really nice and was wondering if it was a good purchase. Please help! It's a t5 56 plate full conversion with smev cooker and sink, Weaco fridge, r&r bed, rebuilt gearbox last year, new clutch and...
  15. RIB Altair Seats

    Clearcut Conversions
    We are extremely pleased to be able to offer a large range of RIB Altair Seats, both slider and non-slider seats available in 112cm, 120cm, 130cm and 150cm. We offer a wide range of upholstery options including Tassimo, Place, Inca and Two tone grey fabrics. Why not upgrade your seat with...
  16. WIN Wolfrace Aero Alloys

    Wolfrace Wheels
    We've recently been posting about our latest wheel launch - the Aero, and now we're giving you the chance to win a set of these wheels in size 8.5x18" for your vehicle. All you have to do is connect with us via our official page on Facebook here. For more information and competition t's and...
  17. Pair T5 Seat Swivels, Sportscraft with H'brake bracket

    Parts For Sale
    Pair T5 Seat Swivels, Sportscraft with H'brake bracket SOLD Hi. I have for sale a pair of Sportscraft Seat Swivel Bases for a T5 complete with the Handbrake lowering bracket. One is 7 years old and the other 6 months. I no longer need them. The older one is showing some discolouration but the...
  18. Sleeping two kids in my cab?

    T5 Conversions
    I have seen the great single bunks for T5 which go between the windowsills but I need to add two kids' beds. Anyone seen anything that might do it?
  19. VW T5 beautiful Camper day van SWB 1.9

    Vans For Sale
    For sale is my beautiful, unique, bespoke VW T5 camper conversion. Her name is Sky and we are very sad to let her go after spending many thousands of pounds and many many hours converting her from a disabled access taxi (She was born a panel van) to what you see here. Unfortunately due to a back...
  20. VW T5 1.9tdi starter motor location

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi, Could anyone tell me the location of the starter motor on the T5 1.9tdi (2006) model? I suspect I have a corroded contact or fault with the connection to it from the starting problems I'm having and the useful info on the forum. However I'm not entirely sure where it's located to check the...