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  1. Waeco CRX50 Fault

    Hi all, I have a problem with my Waeco CRX50 fridge that i can't find any information on. When i power it up, the internal LEDs (but not main fridge light) turn on for a fraction of a second and then turn off again. Nothing else happens, no compressor, no fan, no nothing. If i press the...
  2. Which small compressor fridge to buy?

    Camping & Excursions
    Looking at buying a compressor type (low power consumption) fridge. I don't want / need a large full size camping fridge, just summat to keep the milk, burgers and a few beers cold etc. Just wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations, preferably on the "affordable" side of the price...
  3. VW T5, 140bhp, Tailgate, full conversion, smev, waeco, banded steels, h&r coilovers

    eBay Listings
    VW T5, 140bhp, Tailgate, full conversion, smev, waeco, banded steels, h&r coilovers Gutted having to sell the van but family getting larger so house needs to follow suit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302285130890 Looking for £14.5k but will listen to sensible offers. Excellent condition...
  4. Waeco fridge door seal, does this look knackered?

    T5 Conversions
    Got a Waco fridge that wouldn't sit the door flat against the main body. Looked at the seal and it looks different on the door side. Is it normal or is it knackered? I want to say it's knackered as it looks kinked, but on the other hand it's even so could be a design thing. Any ideas?
  5. November special offer

    Clearcut Conversions
    **************November special offer £999**************** Our full appliance kit is reduced by an incredible £96!! This includes the Smev 9222, Waeco CRX-50 fridge, PMS3 and the main components required for a campervan installation! Call us today on 01271 373853! We look forward to hearing...
  6. Fridge for conversion waeco?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all just cracking on with my lwb t5 conversions which I've been photographing all the way through (I'll bore you all with start to finish pics when she is done) anyway looking for a fridge and obviously the Waeco cr50 is top of list so can anyone advise cheapest place to purchase one or any...
  7. danfoss compressor fridge, thermal overload persists in clear air

    T4 Conversions
    Hello, first post, hopefully not doing it wrong?! i have a Waeco RPD 0040E 12v compressor fridge, bought recently second hand. fridge worked fine to start with, after a week (and the first drive) the compressor has ceased operation. internal light continues to function LED diagnosis gives 5...
  8. Dometic Mobicool B40 Hybrid Fridge/Freezer for sale

    Life Style
    We are selling our Dometic Mobicool B40 fridge/freezer due to wanting something a bit smaller we can keep in the van all the time. Bought this new last summer and have used it twice. Once on holiday for two weeks and then for a few days over Christmas as an extra freezer in our house. As you...
  9. T4 Electrics and Waeco Fridge Service Near Brighton

    General Van Chat
    Hi everyone. We're Newbies to the forum and loved our first event at Beaulieu the other weekend. We have a long wheel base T4 called Ermintrude!A: We bought her about three months ago and are getting to know her. We wondered if any of your out there could recommend someone to look over from...
  10. Best Fridge ? Waeco CR50 or Vitrifrigo C50i

    T5 Conversions
    Im Looking for a Compressor Fridge for my van. Has anyone any preferences or advice on the best to go for? Ive been looking at both of the above and cant decide ...
  11. Problems with Waeco fridge and Zig unit.

    The Waeco CR50 fridge in my T4 has not been used since I bought the van last autumn and refuses to start now. The internal light in the fridge does not come on, neither do the green or red lights. Fuses in the vicinity of the leisure battery are intact, all the switches in the wardrobe...
  12. T5 104ps Camper for sale

    Vans For Sale
    Volkswagen Transporter T5 Camper TDI 104PS For sale is our VW T5 Camper built as a family holiday vehicle used twice and now upfor sale :( Recent conversion. DVLA registered as a motorhome with 5 three point seatbelts and sleeping upto 4 adults. Professionaly fitted with top of the range Reimo...
  13. Control Panel/ Waeco Fridge

    Hi there I am new to posting so apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place or someone has asked this elsewhere. I have a T5 camper with a poorly Waeco cr-0050 fridge. It works and cools to 2 degrees when hooked up to the mains but hit 24 degrees today (I want to chill my food not cook...
  14. Waeco cr50 problem. Any help much appreciated.

    I have recently purchased a used waeco cr50 12v fridge but cannot get the interior or error/running lights to work. I have checked the connections at the back. Checked resistors on pcb with a mutimeter for error/running lights and assume power must be running through it as the fridge will not...
  15. For Sale - Waeco Combicool CAS 60

    Life Style
    Ideal camping fridge - Waeco Combicool CAS 60 fridge in very good condition - £140. 3 Way absorption fridge 12v/240v/gas operation. Dimensions (mm) approx 480 (w) x 640 (h) x 510 (d) Located 10 mins off J34 M4
  16. More bits for sale - Waeco CR65, SMEV Cooker, R/R bed and more!!!

    Parts For Sale
    Loads of conversion bits!! Waeco fridge, Inca seat, Smev cooker etc As per my "Van for sale thread", here are all of the bits i've bought to convert my van. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I need to sell everything :eek: BRAND NEW Waeco CR65 Compressor Fridge. I bought this for...
  17. Waeco Drawer Fridge

    Hi, Does anyone have a Waeco drawer 12 V compressor fridge that they don't need? I think it is the CF 30 model. I am prepared to pay up to £300 for a good one with a black drawer front. I lost one on ebay a few days ago for £280. If it was one of you guys, good bidding!