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  1. Campsite by/with great Sea Views in S Wales in June?

    General T5 Chat
    Looking for recommendations - T5 & Dog-friendly site - Electric Hook Up Hardstanding Gower/S Wales Thanks for your help. I'm heading to Wales and dreaming of opening the door of the T5 and looking at the Sea! I would love to find a site you have visited that is close enough for us to hear the...
  2. MFSW retrofit in Swansea / Cardiff area

    New T5 Members Forum
    I've had my first T5 for 6 months now and I love it! :ILU: I've learnt loads and made a fair few upgrades already, many of them DIY projects. My next mod is upgrading the standard steering wheel to the nice mk6 MFSW but I'd rather get a pro to this as I'm not confident with electric mods yet...
  3. Bristol/West Country/Wales - advice for converting

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hello all. T: Not quite my first post, but I am a newbie. I'm aware of a few Dub places near me in Brizzol (Danbury being the biggest and [I think] nearest) but I'm looking at shopping around for quotes etc. especially near me due to my working hours and days. Just purchased a 56 plate T5...
  4. Pembrokeshire meet.

    General Van Chat
    Meet being planned for feb 2nd at propellers cafe at -11 am. Anyone fancy it??
  5. north wales camper conversions llanelwy campers

    Conversions & Customisation
    for all your camper conversion requirements try llanelwy campers Denbigh north wales premier conversions at a price YOU can afford www.llanelwycampers.co.uk T: new site so fairly basic at the moI:
  6. Some photos of my ongoing camper conversion

    T5 Conversions
    Still in the early stages, just got the van back today from Jamie at Universal Customs in Amanford, South Wales. Has to be said they did a top job there! We had new insulation/ply/carpet as well as flooring, first stage electrics, rear speakers and down lights. One of the biggest things was the...
  7. Another South Wales newbie!

    New T5 Members Forum
    Already in love with browsing this site, great stuff! Just got a 2.5 TDI T5, travelled from Swansea down to Cornwall for it, planning on doing a camper conversion soon! Any tips/advice/do's/don'ts on converting would be appreciated! Here's some pics T:
  8. Permission to climb aboard?

    Team Grey
    Finally got our hands on our new T5 Kombi last week, and here she is enjoying a West Wales beach (or any beach) for the first time last weekend. Was unsure prior to delivery about our choice of Ronal alloys but suffice to say I'm couldn't be happier. (If the image above doesn't show up...
  9. germania,m4 motor company,broadway

    General T5 Chat
    Hi there. i know this has probably been asked millions of times - please excuse any repetition. I am looking to purchase my first t5 and i would be really interested in anybodys experience with germania, m4 motor company or broadway van centre. Please pm me any personal grievences.Many thanks...
  10. Waving

    General T5 Chat
    Seen a few threads on here about waving. Read one the other day from a chap on here, can't remember who was saying how no one waves anymore. We went to Cardiff on Thursday and came back Friday (Backroads), Saw many T5's and a few T4's, Some very nice work on both. We went on a waving spree...
  11. Bought a T4

    New T4 Members Forum
    i bought my first t4 last night, saw it on the ebay in north wales so decided to drive up last night after a few phone calls with the pleasant old fellow. it was a 2001 white panel van with 125K on the clock, it had a lot of work done on it recently, new engine rebuild, clutch, belts, filters...
  12. Best campsite in the Gower area

    Camping & Excursions
    Hi All, I'm looking for a campsite near a beach or next to a beach for a long weekend this summer. I want something with decent facilities, hot showers and decent toilets etc, not interested in bingo, entertainment and discos. Would like somewhere to chill in the evenings with a proper fire...
  13. 97 (P reg) 1.9TD SWB - For Sale in N.Wales - Poss PX/Swap

    Vans For Sale
    97 (P reg) 1.9TD SWB - For Sale in N.Wales - Poss PX/Swap - REDUCED £2800 Price dropped now £2500! Hello there, I'm selling my T4, which I haven't had for too long. To cut to the chase, the T4 has been for sale on here before (2 owners back), not too long ago (Sept 2010), and can be seen in...
  14. Remapping South Wales

    Engine & Gearbox
    Can anyone recommend someone good to get a T5 2.5L 130ps remapped. Looking for someone with a good rep that does sensible mapping. I want to go to pendle performance but its over 4.5 hr drive from me :( Any recomendations in south Wales or South West would be greatly appreciated. thanks :ILU:
  15. 1.9d 1X Engine help

    Engine & Gearbox
    My 1991 1.9 non turbo engine (1X code) has had it, does anyone know where i can get another reconditioned unit?? Does anyone know if any others fit straight into this van without extra looms etc. just wanna get my girl back on the road!! ;)
  16. Coasteering....Have you heard of it..?

    The Pub
    Having just started a partnership specialising in Coasteering we are noticing that not many people have heard of it. Wetsuit up, whack on a helmet and buoyancy aid, throw on an old pair of trainers, listen to the instructor's safety brief then your off.... Adventure swim, cliff jump, rock hop...