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  1. High beam peculiar fault

    Problem with the high beam on my converted T5.1. The nearside high beam is always on and so is the dash warning light for high beam. I pulled the fuse for this lamp which sorted one problem out so now the dash high beam warning light only comes on when I flick the stalk but as the fuse is out...
  2. T5 2008 1.9 ESP light comes on sporadically

    Technical Threads
    Hi All I have a T5 1.9 TDI 57 plate. The ESP light comes on after around 15 minutes of driving. As soon as I cycle the ignition switch the light stays out for another period of time. But last night i was running the Van on the drive and the light came on without driving, after about the...
  3. No oil level warning light?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello. When I started my 2005 AXD engine today it sounded a bit rough for about a second so I decided to check the oil. When I checked the dipstick there was no oil showing. The thing is I normally use the oil warning light to prompt me to fill up with oil (not ideal I know) but now I am not...
  4. DPF warning light steady on

    Engine & Gearbox
    Question please! On long motorway drives my DPF warning light comes on, generally about an hour into the journey. It doesn't flash, just steady on, and goes off if I restart the engine. I don't turn off the engine within an hour in case it is doing a regen but it will just stay on until I do...
  5. DPF Exhaust pressure sensor fault fixed

    Engine & Gearbox
    ***Exhaust pressure sensor fault fixed*** This may save you £80+ for a new Exhaust pressure sensor should your engine light come on with this fault code. Mine kept coming on and in due course I switched it off via my code reader only to have it come back on a few days later. So, with nothing to...
  6. ABS/Airbag warning lamp unit

    Hi can anyone help at all please? I'm looking for an ABS/Airbag warning lamp unit for the dashboard of a 1997 2.5 TDI T4. (part number - 7D0919253C) It seems that one of the previous owners has removed it and replaced with a blanking plate. I've tried VW Heritage with no luck and have...
  7. Reverse camera wiring and warning lights

    Hey guys, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to electrical things in the T5. I have fitted a reverse camera on the weekend and wired it all up so that it works really nicely. I have connected the power for the camera to the rear reverse light wire (green with black stripe) at the top rear...
  8. install fuel warning sensor

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all! I have a 2.5 TDI 102ps from '97 with no fuel warning sensor. Had it for 6 years without sensor and wanted to install it now. Did anybody do it? Difficult/expensive? Cheers dan
  9. Warning Light on and off

    Hello I've a T4 Caravelle 2001. The brake warning light comes on, and goes off, intermittently. Sometimes when I pull away it goes on, and then if I stop, turn off the engine, turn on again and drive on it doesn't. The brakes feel fine, no scraping or pulling. I wonder if it's a sensor as it's...
  10. EGR Blanking, Warning Light and Remap

    Engine & Gearbox
    Sorry for bringing this up again but I got lost in the other threads:* lets call it newbie lack of knowledgeI: Just fitted the EGR blanking plate on a 2006 2.5TDI and the warning light is on and i've got three questions 1. Should I drill a hole in the plate to fool the sensor? does this really...
  11. Water light on dashboard

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, T5 130 flashing water warning red light light on dashboard. Resets if ign switched on/off I know this is overheat ,or low coolant warning but read that it is also water in fuel.? Coolant level is ok,sensor wires are clean,temp gauge seems to rise and fall ok. If so,:confused: as there is...
  12. oil pressure light

    Engine & Gearbox
    evening all....driving my 1.9 TD T4 home today - almost home when I hear a beep. the battery and oil pressure warning lights came on. towed the final 200 mts home. soon realised the auxilary belt had gone. but why the oil pressure warning? the oil pump can't be on that belt - can it!? i checked...
  13. The Dreaded Red Coolant Level Warning Light

    Hi All, My T4 like very many others has the coolant level light on permanently. I'm about to do a VAGCOM check but here are the possible issues that the light could be caused by......and the solutions that people have found. It seems that there are many causes of the problem. Sensor in...
  14. 1.9TD ABL Oil Pressure Switches

    Engine & Gearbox
    Please can someone advise as to what the correct settings of the 2 oil pressure switches should be for a 1.9TD ABL engine 1998 should be. When reviwing other posts there seems to be a wide range of oppinion and colurs. The colours are now misleading as they seem to be different from different...