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water pump

  1. Engine ruined from cam belt

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi vw forum T5 2.0 tdi 2012 105bhp 133,000 miles My Van broke down, last week on the m25- doing 70 mph and the power cut out and I rolled to the hard shoulder with the glow light flashing. AA could not start van, so it was towed to my house. The normal garage i use(last 20 years) was busy and...
  2. WATER PUMP failed HELP

    Engine & Gearbox
    The water pump on my 1997 T4 2.5 TDI LHD Multivan has failed, and a couple of hoses damaged by oil. First a slight dip in water reservoir, then suddenly all the water drains in a steady stream, so I am stranded except to limp to somewhere for a replacement. Back home in England my very reliable...
  3. Cambelt and water pump - South Yorkshire

    General T5 Technical
    After years of waiting I've finally got my first T5 - looking to get cambelt and water pump changed asap as a preventative measure for peace of mind. Any of you folk know somewhere in South Yorkshire (I'm in Doncaster) reliable and who won;t try rip us off? Cheers
  4. Timing belt and waterpump help please

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey! I'm after a little help with trying to source 'genuine' service parts. Looking around various online suppliers there's an awful lot to choose from with varying degrees of prices. I have a T5 with the 1.9 tdi 84bhp BRR engine. Its done 142k now and have no record of when the timing belt...
  5. water pump belt

    Engine & Gearbox
    hi guys, simple question i have a t4 with an aaz 1.9td engine, what side of the water pump does the auxiliary belt go top po bottom as it will go bot sides and the the pump can run both directions.
  6. T4 mechanic / garage needed

    General Technical
    I'm after a quote or recommendation for getting my timing belt, head gasket and water pump done on my t4. Tis a 2001 2.5 tdi on a 167k and lives near skipton at the weekends and Cheltenham during the week. So I am reasonably flexible where she goes to be worked on.. Grateful for any advice or...
  7. T5 2.5D Self Destructing Water Pump

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello! Thought I'd share my experience of my recent breakdown as I'm still flabbergasted that a water pump failure can result in needing a new engine or at least a very expensive strip down and repair. After driving my T5 2.5 Diesel (AXD engine) for 60,000 trouble free miles I recently broke...
  8. Engine overheating

    Engine & Gearbox
    My T4 2.4D AAB van got some serious overheating in a steep hill, the engine shut off and black smoke showed up from the exhaust and steam from the cooling system. After it cooled down and I filled it up with water it runs normal again, but it is heating faster than normal. The problems I found...
  9. Water pump (sink) not working - can they burn out?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, Just went to run some water thru the taps in the back of the van and it's as dead as a dodo.... Now, the missus took the van for a day trip in the week and said "errrrr there's no water in the van". She said that she only had the tap (pump) on for a few seconds but, well... I'm guessing...
  10. Leak above water Pump On T4 from Plug ??

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    My Mechanic has just rung to say That the water pump was not leaking but a plug above the pump is leaking ( is this the escape plug) ,just need to know what to change or how to stop this as can not find any info on this, any info would be of help thanks. It is a T4 with a AJA engine 2.4D 1999 model
  11. Checking water pump?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have a coolant leak on my 2.5tdi, I have been told it's the water pump I have checked all the pipes coming from the coolant tank and they seem to be dry. After help from the forum I have been pointed in the direction of the water pump.. I bought some G13 from VW yesterday and topped up the...
  12. Garage clear out t4 bits and sub

    Parts For Sale
    Ok clearing the garage and have some T4 bits available: small stuff can be posted or I can bring with me to Beulieu. Rear Wardrobe cabinet made from MDF quite sturdy, covered in graphite wrap but could do with recovering, in places. It has 2 doors. £35.00 Early front bumper in good...
  13. Strange ticking around front of 1.9TD engine.

    Engine & Gearbox
    This is driving me up the wall. Hearing a tappety noise from the front of the engine, when the engine is up to temp. Over the last 18 months I've replaced the alternator for new, then had the constant squealing from the belt until the engine warmed up. I had issues with the water pump (Which I...
  14. 2002 2.5 tdi water pump cam belt change

    Engine & Gearbox
    This topic seems to have been very well covered on here but I can't seem to find the info Im looking for. I have just bought a 2002 2.5 tdi, it has 130K on the clock and the belt was changed at 90k. The service book does not seem to indicate that the water pump was changed at the same time. I...
  15. Coolant disappearing. Water Pump, Head Gasket or Cylinder Head?

    Engine & Gearbox
    1.9 2006 T5 125,000 miles. Hi All I've read through the other coolant issues and mine sounds very familiar. I'm here for confirmation of symptoms really and wondering if what the AA dude did has caused further damage. When I had an MOT and service the garage noticed the Intercooler was...
  16. T4 2.5 is it head gasket or water pump umm that is the question

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hiya Ladies and gents, long time no see I hope all is well with your T4s I bought my best mate a T4 yeahh shes a lucky girl isnt she? I have been trying to introduce her to the V Dubbing scene and since shes a plasterer tooo I thought there only one van for her. Ebay, uh oooohhh. Yep all...
  17. VW main dealer service/ cambelt price

    General T4 Chat
    Vans booked in tomorrow for major service and cambelt/ water pump for £605 all in. Is that a good price? started at £710, then shopped around and they have done a price match I found at a VW specialist. Vans a 2000 1.9td.
  18. Help!T5 getting hot too quickly - fan running at 60C & continues after switching off

    Engine & Gearbox
    Help!T5 getting hot too quickly - fan running at 60C & continues after switching off Hi guys, Can someone please help me?! This is stressing me to the eyeballs!?! Had a T2 back in 93, changed it for T4 in 2000 - none of them ever gave me a days grief. Then in July this year (2011) bought an...
  19. I think my water pump is on its way out????

    Engine & Gearbox
    Just recently I have noticed a skweaky noise when my 2.5TDI t4 is idleing, but once I apply some revs and set off it stops!! But... the temp gauge on the bus then goes up to half way (never gone that far before) and stops there, doesn't get hotter or colder but no warning lights come on either...
  20. Couple of issues after taking AAB head off

    Engine & Gearbox
    Ok first time me doing this kind of engine work, thankfully with my old mans help who was a mechanic in the 70's/80's, but im loving learning. Ok the vehicle, 1992 2.4d AAB 5 cylinder 210k on the clock. Problem, oil in expansion tank, rad, low oil in engine, last expansion tank exploded. I...