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  1. Do you wave at other T4s?

    New T4 Members Forum
    I ride motorbikes, and it seems every biker I pass on the road gives me the old biker nod. When I got my T4 I figured that this camaraderie would be mirrored in this community, so I've been flashing my lights and waving at all the T4s I meet on the road for the past week I: I've noticed that...
  2. Van women - to Wave or not to Wave -

    T Spotting
    A hybrid post! There's been a thread about how many girlies are on here, in their T4's/T5's and when I was out in our Velle the other day and waved at a couple of T4's and one T5 it got me thinking, do us girls get a different percentage (no mathematical accuracy expected) of returned waves, or...
  3. Waving

    General T5 Chat
    Seen a few threads on here about waving. Read one the other day from a chap on here, can't remember who was saying how no one waves anymore. We went to Cardiff on Thursday and came back Friday (Backroads), Saw many T5's and a few T4's, Some very nice work on both. We went on a waving spree...
  4. No-one waves at a t4 coachbuilt...

    General Van Chat
    We bought a T4 coachbuilt but now no-one waves at us. I am waving at you, yes you in your T4/T5 - yet I have become invisible! The US didnt need to spend billions on Stealth fighters, just drive a T4 compass navigator on missions into enemy territory. (Or East Sussex). :D jar
  5. T4's, T5's and waving protocol!!!!

    General Van Chat
    Please don't slate me for this but do people in T4's wave at T5's and vice versa????? Silly question i know but every T5 i wave at (Even one's that have a bit of bling) seems to turn their nose up or give me a funny look!!!!!:jd I know I'm Ugly and most T5's are owned by companies but just one...
  6. Who's waving

    General T4 Chat
    I'm still shy...