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  1. Eurosport Turismo in Gloss Black/ polished rim 18", 19" and 20"

    Wolfrace Wheels
    This new Turismo is a sleek and sophisticated multi-spoke design finished in gloss black with a high quality polished ‘pin stripe’ on the outer rim. The Turismo is available in 5×120 fitments and is an ideal choice for both T5 and T6 vans amongst others. The suggested retail price for Turismo...
  2. B14 + weight

    Steering & Suspension
    Sorry if this has been covered but I am unable to fine relevant info/answer. I'm planning on having some B14's fitted to my 5.1 (T32 Kombi) would /should or do I have to consider the load weight. The van is used a my work van, fitted out with dewalt tough system boxes.. Etc has been known to...
  3. Caravelle kerb weight

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Currently going through the process of buying my first T5 (never been this excited before!). It's a 2009 Caravelle 2.5 130 and I've heard through the grapevine that some garages may not be able to lift it on a standard car lift. Does anyone know the kerb weight of this vehicle and what standard...
  4. T26 Camper Question

    General T5 Technical
    Hi I read some conflicting thinks about using a T26 as a base vehicle and I'm about to buy a van like this, so I'd appreciate any feedback on suitability and would also like to hear from any T26 owners on whether the van has caused any issues Ive been assured by the seller the the van will...
  5. RIB Weight

    T5 Conversions
    Does anyone know how heavy a full width (1500) RIB seat is? With the slider if possible. I want to get an idea of how heavy the stuff in the back of the van is, of which I suspect the RIB will be the biggest part. I know the RIB is heavy, but I don't know how heavy. Google doesn't know...
  6. Caravelle seat weights

    Wonder if anybody has weighed their T5 Caravelle seats? Know they are incredibly heavy; had mine out a couple of times. Planning a trip away with heavy boat trailer and five scuba diving passengers plus kit so need to think carefully about my payload. Wondering how much I'll actually gain by...
  7. How heavy is your van? (LEZ London)

    General T4 Chat
    Hi, I've just had my letter from Boris telling me that my camper isn't compliant with the Low Emmissions Zone. I've just spoken to a friend who tells me that as a camper we are exempt, but checking the TLF website I am not. It appears that because the Revenue Weight on my V5 doc says 2515KG, I...
  8. SWB 2001 Window Van Weight anyone?

    General Van Chat
    Hi, Off to pick up my T4 this weekend, but need to sort some temp cover insurance. Thay are asking for the weight of the vehicle and I cant find it anywhere?! Does anyone know this per chance?! Thanks Andy T:
  9. Maximum load

    General Technical
    Can someone tell me what the maximum load for a 2.5 ex AA van is?
  10. T4 Axle Weights - A Summary

    Technical Articles
    T4 Axle Weights Choosing suitable tyres for the T4 that comply with United Kingdom and increasingly standardized Worldwide "Construction and Use" regulations can be problematic, especially when choosing tyres for non standard and oversized wheels. The following reference guide summarizes...
  11. Motor Caravan Unladen Weights

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Can anyone tell me the unladen weight of their Autosleeper, California, Carthago, or Dehler, Reimo, etc etc Motor Caravan. I've just unearthed an EU amendment regarding Motor Caravans and taxation - if a Motor Caravan has an unladen weight (reference weight,they call it) of over 2000kg they...