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  1. General Technical
    Guys, I have been looking for the correct rear washer spray head and purchased on of of ebay with it being to short. Would anyone have a link that would allow me to order the correct push in nozzel for my van? I am based in Canada and am having difficulty getting proper information. Cheers
  2. Vans For Sale
    VW T4 Westfalia California - Deposit taken After a couple of happy years camping it is time to sell our early VW T4 Westfalia. We have had some great holidays away and only reason for sale is that we don't use it enough now our kids are older. It has all the original fixtures and fittings and...
  3. Interior
    Is it possible to get 3/4 seats to fit into runners from r&r bed to give us extra seating?
  4. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Evening all. Well, I'm back in a T4 after a long enough break. This time it's a bit different with a bit more of a challenge and that's not including the wrong hand drive part! Picked it up this evening and the thing smokes as much as I used to, knocks a tad and is a wee bit rough around the...
  5. Electrical
    I took my 1994 westy California tour to a auto electrician to have a new battery charger fitted, had problems with the original westy one. when i went to pick the van up the central control unit the one above the mirror in the front was not working at all, when they checked the fuse box behind...
  6. Vans For Sale
    Now SOLD to mendoza enjoy your new toy :) It is with a heavy heart that I am putting my Westy up for sale. It took forever to find but since we moved from London to Suffolk in June 2011 it’s just not getting the use it should, we have not been away at all since moving hence the sale. I have...
  7. Electrical
    hello! Does anyone know if the 12 volt socket behind the driver's seat is regulated/stabilized at 12 volt? or does it fluctuate up and down when i turn the engine on or the frige kicks in or use the water pump? any help would be great :ILU:
  8. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    OK Well I figured it was about time I started my T4 Westy thread. I posted a few pics here before I got the van. Today I got around to taking some pics for the agreed valuation. I am planning on keeping one thread with all the bits I do to the van. Its a 1992 2.5tdi 102ps T4 - a bit of an...
1-8 of 9 Results