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  1. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi All, Looking to buy summer wheels and tyres for my T30. Not looking for massive bling but some decent alloys would be great. Any suggestions? Thanks, Nate
  2. Steering & Suspension
    Hi just brought a 2001 1.9td t4 800special i want to lower it . It has 18 inch wheels how much can i lower it BUT i dose need to carry some weight eg my race bike r6 and tools etc. And dont want it on the bump stops Need some advise on what springs or kit to get and where from thanks del
  3. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, Does anyone out there know the make / model of these alloy wheels please? The van dealer quoted me 2k plus vat for a set! Thanks for the help. http://www.commercialtrader.co.uk/merlin-image-server/view/403ffbcc-5032-463e-a3f4-d3a72d7e3a4d/640/480
1-3 of 4 Results