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wheels help

  1. T4 Caravelle standard steel wheels and tyres?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Love this forum and my "new" T4 van that I bought on this forum. I have a 2000 T4 Caravelle with Audi alloys. I really want to put original steel wheels back on the van with original "van grade" tyres. Can anyone help me to source a set and tell me what spec wheels/tyres I'm looking for? I'm...
  2. 18 inch or 20 inch wheels for a tow bar T5 van

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi...I am getting my first T5 this weekend (T28 SWB) and need to fit it with a tow bar for a works trailer...The trailer only carrys upto 1.5tonne and will only be used about once a fortnight to carry around 1 tonne of material for about 40 miles...I was going to be safe and get 18 inch load...
  3. Not allowed alloys on my new T32??!!!

    Wheels & Tyres
    Sorry if this is already out there guys! Could someone put it simply for me? My new 140 2.0 TDI T5 Kombi is on order, however being a T32, Volkswagen would not supply it with any kind of alloy! Only 16" Steels. We would like to purchase maybe some second hand alloys, but does anyone know...
  4. Tyre sizes?????

    Wheels & Tyres
    Im thinking of getting some 16" Ronal R50 Aeros for my SWB T4.........problem is i do NOT want big fat tyres.........does anyone know what tyres i should get that maintain load rating but dont look mickey mouse?!?!? :*
  5. Stolen hubcaps help!

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hello - Great forum! Please excuse my ignorance about this - i dont have much experience with mechanics. Last week my T5 was being serviced at the local garage, and when I went to pick it up after work, the hubcaps were missing. The garage had left the van outside for me to collect at about 5pm...
  6. circle of raised dots on wheel??

    Wheels & Tyres
    Can anyone help me out? Just bought a set of remotec merc alloys off ebay for my swb T4 and very pleased i am too! They're all 8j's, 16in, ET16 all round but on scrutinising the wheel i found a raised circle of dots on each wheel about 1inch big, with the numbers 88 in the center of the circle...
  7. Hi everyone

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hello to you all, just bought my first t5 after a couple of t4's, 104 1.9 had it remapped and bought some 17" alloys but tyres are 235 65's, geared it up too much and ride too high, anyone tell me ideal size to keep circumference near enough same as standard {235 65 16} thanks
  8. Wheels

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi everyone, am new to forum, already tried to post 2 questions but can't see em for some reason, recently bought a t5 with standard wheels then bought some used 17's with 235 65 on but they alter gearing too much and van just sits too high, anyone tell me good size to replace without being too...
  9. **Need some wheel advice please**

    Wheels & Tyres
    Evening one and all, I have found these alloys on german ebay and absolutely love them….. Pure retro, There a little small being 16's but i love them all the same. I'm based in germany (Army) so need winter or all season tyres and these already have them. Questions being: • Are these tyres...
  10. The Meaning Of... Wheel Markings

    Technical Articles
    Choosing wheels for your Van, Caravelle or Camper is one of those emotive subjects - here, we outline some of the pitfalls you can be faced with when contemplating those shiny new - or not so new (or shiny) - rims that instantly transform the look of your ride. Wheel Sizes Typical T4 steel...