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  1. What wheels can I use as replacements for my 2011 Sportline T32?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi guys, I'm really sorry for what I guess might be a silly question but I'm looking for a set of replacement rims and snowtyres that I can use for winter for my 2011 T5.1 Sportline T32 panel van. I'm not looking for anything fancy but after posting a request on a couple of Facebook groups...
  2. Hi all. How to tell in these alloys are Genuine?

    General Van Chat
    im am looking to buy these for the T5. struggling to tell whether or not they are genuine before I go to view them. the current owner doesn't know. has any one got these same onces? or can tell if they are replicas? thanks in advance for advice
  3. Another 20" "What Tyres?" Question

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi all, In need of some new 20" front tyres & just after a bit of advice... I know this has been asked countless times but can't seem to find exactly what I'm after. Firstly - I've had Hankook Ventus ST's until now & overall they've been a brilliant tyre. They've lasted a decent amount of...
  4. A little wheel Help please

    Wheels & Tyres
    I have a T5 2009 on standard 16 inch steels. I have seen an offer for some alloys 205/55/ R16 91 w. the info on the rim is 7J H2 ET45. Are these a straight forward replacement for my standard wheels? :*
  5. Which Alloy Bolts do i need?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi all, Picked myself up a set of alloys today for the van. Not been very original unfortunately, they are genuine Audi A8 18 inchers. I just need to get myself a set of bolts, but it seems a bit of a mine field. Does anything know what bolts I need? Cheers Gav
  6. 19" alloy wheels and Tyres T4 T5

    Parts For Sale
    19" alloy wheels And tyres T4 now sold. 4 19" 235/35 ZR19 wheels with 3 Michelin Pilot Supersports and one Runway Prerfomance 926 to suit T4. 2 of the Michelins are at 3mm the Runway and the other Michelin are new. £150 no offers local pickup only Bromley Kent area
  7. Do these wheels fit?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Morning all! I'm a newbie to the T5 world... this is the newest transporter I've ever owned, so apologies if this is a stupid question... But, I have been offered a set of 18" range rover wheels with 265/35/18 tyres on. I assume I will need a different set of bolts but do I need any spigot...
  8. Wheel swap

    Swap Shop
    I've got 18" Wolfrace Assassin TRS Alloy Wheels on my van for the past year so still in great condition. Would be interested in swapping for some Thunders if anyone interested? I've got a T32 so needs to be compatible!
  9. wheels and tyres advise wanted

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi All i am seeking advice re the wheels and tyres of my newly purchases 2004 t5 Pictured above are the wheels and tyres that are on it at the moments, i am not into bling flashy things , and clearly they are not standard size The guy i bought the van off says the wheels are from a range...
  10. NEW Retro-inspired Wolfrace Eurosport Classic

    Wolfrace Wheels
    Wolfrace, the UK’s best-known alloy wheel brand, reinvent a timeless design – the new ‘Classic’ alloy wheel. The new Classic takes the form of the familiar retro ‘cross thatch’ or ‘mesh’ design made popular in the early days of motorsport and features a polished rim and large two piece centre...
  11. Finding out the load rating of alloy wheels

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi all, I am looking for alloy wheels for my 2014 T30 LWB, that I am converting. I have seen some that I want but cannot find their load rating anywhere on the Internet. Can anyone please help? The wheels are Audi 19" y spoke, part number 4G8601025C8Z8. Thanks in advance M
  12. Direct replacements

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi I'm a newbie to T5's... I haven't even picked my new caravelle up yet and I'm already looking at swapping wheels! Basically, I'd like a set of 18" wheels on the van for when I lower it. I've found a set of touareg wheels from a phase 1 car. I'm pretty certain these don't need any faffing...
  13. Eurosport Turismo in Gloss Black/ polished rim 18", 19" and 20"

    Wolfrace Wheels
    This new Turismo is a sleek and sophisticated multi-spoke design finished in gloss black with a high quality polished ‘pin stripe’ on the outer rim. The Turismo is available in 5×120 fitments and is an ideal choice for both T5 and T6 vans amongst others. The suggested retail price for Turismo...
  14. What wheel is this? Mine was destroyed by breezeblock

    Wheels & Tyres
    Had an exciting drive home from the ferry late last night. Gearbox leaking oil resulting in whining first then second and then third (but thats another post I:) and then hit a breeze block left in the slow lane by some lovely lorry driver. Result is my alloy is destroyed: So the question is...
  15. 18" alloys with tyres for sale T4 £200

    Parts For Sale
    i have 4 wheels for sale can sell as either as 2 pairs or all together. They are off my T4 the silver/grey ones were originally on her, bought the black ones 2 years ago. Am now on steels so surplus to requirements 2 black ones are BK503 the silver ones are BK but not sure of the model. looking...
  16. Eurosport Aero in 18" and 20" for T5 and T6!

    Wolfrace Wheels
    Introducing Aero - a striking directional ‘turbine’ style design wheel from the UK’s best known alloy wheel brand – Wolfrace. The Wolfrace Eurosport Aero has fifteen perfectly sculpted blades finished in either gloss black or titanium paint with polished spoke surface. Each spoke dips into the...
  17. Upgrading alloys - help needed!

    Hi guys, Apologies for the noob questions - can someone confirm to me whether or not these alloys (see link below) https://www.gumtree.com/p/wheel-rims-tyres/17-vw-donnington-alloy-wheels-5x112/1164509756 will fit on my standard '12 plate 1.6 TDI Caddy? Thanks
  18. Need some Wheels

    T5 Conversions
    Hello folks, I've just purchased a VW T28 2.O TDI in white. The camper conversion should take place over the next 6 weeks. I'd like the exterior to look just as slick as the interior - starting with alloys!!!! I've been weighing up 19" or 20" - ANY recommendations? Smaller even?? Also, can...
  19. Custom Metallic Blackberry finish wheels

    Wolfrace Wheels
    Alongside the release of the all-new custom colour wheels - Munich, Assassin and Assassin GT, is the release of our Metallic Blackberry paint finish which we hope will spark awe into VW enthusiasts everywhere. Available in T5/T6 fitment, the Assassin GT will be the first wheel to wear this...
  20. Wolfrace Custom wheel finishes

    Wolfrace Wheels
    New for 2016 Wolfrace releases custom colour wheels (all-new colours specific for T5/T6 Fitment) :eek::D Three of the most popular Wolfrace designs, ‘Munich’, 'Assassin' and ‘Assassin GT’ get new, head-turning paint finishes. MUNICH Wolfrace Eurosport ‘Munich’ is available now in two new...