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  1. VW stick on wind deflectors vs power hose

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    thinking about getting a set of the VW stick ons for my T5 - anybody had any issue with using a power hose with these? thanks!
  2. Bad Wind

    General T5 Chat
    It's boxing day and there's bad wind around our house, so it got me thinking. :eek: I recently got my first pop top - a hilo. What are peoples recommendations about raising the roof in windy weather? LOL:
  3. Wind buckled door

    General Technical
    Hi, I was up in Thurso for a surfing trip last weekend. It was blowing an absolute gale. I made the mistake of opening my car door - with 2 hands on the handle - but I was still rather swiftly shot out of the van. Unfortunately the bracket that stops the door from swinging through 90° was...