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  1. Wanted
    Ok a list of usual things i suppose, its all for my mate Dave, hes on a tight budget so if we can get these things cheaper than new then great..T: Basically he has a transporter-caravelle with only two windows, one on slider, one behind driver, so needs enough ply for the rest of the wall...
  2. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi everyone! I am new to the T5 community as I've just purchased my first T5 last week and chuffed to bits!T: I'm picking the van up next week, however, the guy in the garage I'm picking it up from has offered to install side windows for me but I'm not sure what type to put in. What do people...
  3. Customising / Modding
    Hi there. Just wondering if anyone could recommend anywhere to get our windows tinted? We are based in Aberdeenshire, so obviously if it was this area, then even better, but happy to travel if it's somewhere someone has had a good job done and is reasonably priced. I've googled and the main...
  4. Parts, Tuning & Styling
    Firstglass Automotive Glazing All van window conversions, Windscreens, Chip Repairs, Tinting, sunroofs, Unit3, 20 Wharfdale Service Road Bournemouth Dorset BH4 9BT 01202 76 22 67 www.checkatrade.com/FirstglassAutomotiveGlazing/
  5. General Van Chat
    I've pealed the old tint off the back window and i'm paying someone to do a proffessional job of it. however, there is a thin film of the glue left on the window. I've tried washing up liquid with hot water and a soft scourer, i've tried turps and white spirit. i can't get it off!!! any...
1-5 of 8 Results