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  1. VW Shows & Events
    Morning all, Any of you guys planning on attending eastbourne extreme on July 13th? Suppose to be a cruise down from the campsite just outside eastbourne onto the sea front. Then all park up for the "vw bus stop" attraction as they call it. I believe camping is free if your taking part in the...
  2. Life Style
    Comes in the cloth pouch with all instructions and boxed (box has sticky strip stuck to it) as new condition with paint missing where the hinges have been opened closed £40 posted as I really would like a different colour lense Thanks Dave PS. I wear these in my van - so related in some way T:
  3. Interior
    Hi, I've just got my first T5 swb (proper excited!) Its to use everyday with my family and for windsurfing. I'm thinking the triple seat would be better but I'm not sure if there's much room to slide a windsurf board underneath it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Stephen :)
  4. General T5 Chat
    hi everyone calling all windsurfers, come and post some pics of your windsurf/surf vans. Ive had a van for a month now and cant decide what to do with it and need some inspiration from any windsurfers out there. thanks Steve
1-4 of 4 Results