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wiper linkage
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  1. General Van Chat
    Can't seem to find a replacement front wiper linkage anywhere, been to vw but they said they don't make them anymore. Can only find lhd Its for as 2001 1.9td If anyone's got one or knows where to find one that would be great
  2. Electrical
    Hello all. My rear driver side wiper (2.5 Tdi T4) started sticking some time ago and now won't move. I had assumed it was the motor but have removed it from the linkage and it works fine. The problem seems to be the spindle for the wiper arm itself - it's seized. I only know this by feel...
  3. General Technical
    Hi everyone, Got my lovely t4 a few months back and it's doing a fine job. However, recently the passenger side (thank god) wiper stopped wiping...Under the bonnet the arm that links the driver side to passenger side wiper has popped off so that it's disconnected. How do I fix this? Doesn't...
  4. Electrical
    Hi guys I was coming along the A38 earlier and my wipers suddenly started losing sync - the upshot was they caught, and are now out of sync. Drivers side one is working but the passenger side is very limp! How would I access the linkage to see if I can sort this without a replacement? Any...
1-4 of 4 Results