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  1. Electrical
    Hello, So for the last year my windscreen wipers will occasionally get stuck, in most cases giving it a little push/nudge will sort this out. However today was quite dangerous, driving on the motorway, sudden downpour of rain and i switched the wipers on but nothing. I pulled over and tried...
  2. General T5 Technical
    Hi folks, My T5.1 tailgate wiper has never been great. The arm doesn't apply enough pressure on the glass, so that at some points in the arc the middle of the blade doesn't even touch the glass. Is this a common problem? Is there an easy fix? It seems to me that either an uprated spring or a...
  3. Electrical
    Hi all. Had my '98 T4 for 10 years but only just joined. I'm not the most practical but I like to give the little things a go and to know what happening. A strange (I think) issue. A few months ago my horn kept going off when turning the wheel. I looked up on here and found it was probably the...
  4. Electrical
    Hi guys, I'm back in the world of transporters 5 years after selling my T4 I've now got a T5 shuttle as a camper project. The wiper relay is faulty, I've got a new relay but don't know where it goes! Any help would be appreciated. Ta muchly :-)
  5. General T4 Chat
    Can anyone help?! I filled up the windscreen washer, I had the bonnet open and pulled the washer switch. A large amount of white electrical smoke puffed out from under the steering column shroud. It continued to smoke for about 10secs. I have pulled off the shroud. It was dusty, but there is no...
  6. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi Everyone, This is my first post on this forum. Recently bought a T5 with barn doors and rear windows, The window wiper arms have been removed due to being damaged when being washed however the motors ect remain and are in perfect order. I would like to replace these arms so do these need to...
  7. Engine & Gearbox
    Anyone have any ideas why my van's intermittent wiper setting is sometimes one wipe every 2 seconds and sometimes one wipe every 5 seconds?!?! Thanks
  8. Wanted
    I am after the black plastic cover that goes over the wiper motor on the inside of the t5 tailgate..cheers !!!
  9. Electrical
    Had a problem with my wipers the other day, they suddenly stopped going down the motorway causing difficulty as you would imagine. I got a diagnostic test and the problem code was "00077 wiper stop switch". According to VW that is the whole stalk unit behind the steering column. I was dubious...
  10. Interior
    Evening all! Getting round to all those niggling jobs you put off, and I need to fix my rear screen wash. The pump is working (I can hear it) but nothing is reaching my rear screen. Before going out and ripping the interior apart (I will check engine bay first mind!) does anyone know where the...
  11. Electrical
    Hi. My wider / washer jet pumps front and rear dont appear to be working all of a sudden. (2008 T5) When I pull back the lever to activate them the wipers come on but there's no water jet or pump noise. Any ideas? Checked the no. 10 fuse and it was fine Cheers adi
  12. General Technical
    Hi everyone, Got my lovely t4 a few months back and it's doing a fine job. However, recently the passenger side (thank god) wiper stopped wiping...Under the bonnet the arm that links the driver side to passenger side wiper has popped off so that it's disconnected. How do I fix this? Doesn't...
  13. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi, My wiper switch/stalk seems to have packed up. It's only working on the fastest setting which pretty lame. I've ordered a new one, but was wondering how easy they are to change. It's a Y reg 1.9 TD. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.
  14. Parts For Sale
    Set of rear wipers (complete) for barn doors: Working order but you will notice that the right hand wiper arm is missing its cap to direct water to glass. Can sell seperate or as set. Need funds for lowering springs, or set of 16"/17" steels for the Velle :D Price: £40.00 for both plus P&P...
1-14 of 14 Results