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  1. Windscreen Wiper Troubles

    My van has a small quirk with the wipers when the weather is cold. When I try to wash the front windscreen, the rear wiper turns on as well. I'm wondering if this is a problem in the relay, or if it's actually in the contact in the stalk on the steering column. I was thinking of dismantling it...
  2. Which Screen washer pump?

    Looking to replace my screen washer pump. Advertised are two types that I can see. One type with "For vehicles without Check con"(trol system) and a dual pump. Am I right in thinking the check control would be a warning light on dash for low washer fluid? If so, I am pretty sure my van doesn't...
  3. steering column controls

    Hello, i've recently bought second hand carravelle 2006 2,5 and encountered two issues regarding lever controls: 1) wiper control doesn't do anything in first up position - is it posible that the wiper-frequency-control has been retrofited? If so might it be, that it wasn't activated properly...
  4. T5 GP window wiper problem.

    General T5 Technical
    Hi there. Can anybody tell me if their able to spring their window wipers up (for cleaning) without fouling the bonnet in the down position? I ask as van has rusted on the top edge of the bonnet where the wiper scrapes. I though that somebody had put the wiper arm on incorrectly but turns out...
  5. Help with clamping washer on column

    Hi Thank you in advance for your replies. I have changed the ignition switch on my T4 today unfortunately when refitting the clamping washer on the top of the column it broke, I have rang my local VW dealer and they don't keep the part, However they gave me the part number as I would like to get...
  6. Fault with wipers, born, indicators and interior light

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, I have been having an issue with a recurring electrical fault. Basically I loose wipers, indicators, horn and interior light for a random period of time, between a day and two weeks. This tends to happen about 3 or 4 times a year and can be really frustrating. It does seem to happen...
  7. Wipers intermittent switch fail

    Having just had a new heater fan fitted, the intermittent switch setting for my front wipers have stopped working. All the other setting for the wipers works as normal - slow, fast continuous, just the intermittent setting. So - is it the wiper switch or motor? If it is the switch - do you...
  8. Heater / Blower Issues & No Central Locking!

    General T5 Technical
    First post here so hope I am posting in the right place Just bought a T5 panel van and the heater / blower is working intermittently. Ive left it on 4 and it will start to work then stop! Plus I have no central locking. Guy I bought the van from assures me it has central locking but press the...
  9. HOW TO - Make your own door bellows £8.50

    Right When i had the Van there were no door bellows and the central locking system was just put through 2 grommets and wrapped in electrical tape, results 5 broken wires. Instead of spending £40 on a pair of VW bellows i found this on ebay for £8.50...
  10. Help with my wipers

    Hi, My first post... I've been looking at previous threads looking at wipers and relays. It sounds like the problem I have does come down to my wiper timing relay. The wipers work fine for a while, then, usually when i change the setting I think the relay is under the battery tray, but I...
  11. Front Wiper Problems - Motor or Relay

    The wipers on my '99 Caravelle are breaking my heart. They're working on all speeds except max ? I have been told that it needs a new relay and after reading a few threads it seems that it could the motor ?? Also the window washer motor isn't working ??? - any ideas ? I have been given a...
  12. Wiper problem, HELP!

    General Technical
    Hi Guys, Can anyone help i've got a wiper issue. The wipers on Y reg T4 have stopped working on the medium and intermittent setting, but work fine on the fast setting and the rear wiper button and washers are still working. I've check the fuse which were fine, Then was advised to change the...
  13. Windscreen wipers

    General T4 Chat
    I know this must have been discussed before but I have searched and cant find anything. I have a 94 Velle and my windscreen wipers only work on a very slow intermittent setting and nothing else. If I spray with the wash wipe they then wipe on a constant speed for a few wipes. I really need a...
  14. intermittent wipers

    its probably been mentioned before but when you click the stick down for intermittent wipers. does anybody elses vary in speed? i think its to do with the wiper speed your had it on b4 from the stick being clicked up? but i couldnt get seem to figure it out on the way home tonight :confused:
  15. windscreen washer

    Hi - have done a search for this but can see anything. My windscreen washer ins't working. I activate it on the stalk and the wipers act as they should but no water. I cannot hear the pump working, does anyone have any ideas which I could try before taking to the local mechanic? The strange...
  16. Wipers only work on twin speed???????

    anyone got any clues to this wipers only working on twin speed no intermittent either or the rear not working:(
  17. tracking down rear window wiper fault

    trying to track down rear window wiper fault motors are fine .. looking at relays now any info would be great its a 97 T4 1.9TD