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wiring diagram

  1. Glow plug relay (103) on 2.5 TDI (ACV) - Staying on

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, After looking on the forum without finding what I was looking for, I am writing my very first post. While driving on the highway, I had a smell in the car. I stopped at the first exit to discover one relay was melting into the fuse box. The relay was located in position 12 (2.5 TDI -...
  2. Front fog wiring help needed

    Evening, have bought a front fog light kit and switch off eBay but the lovely seller I bought from doesn’t supply instructions for wiring. Am fine with everything other than on the loom that came with it, there are 2 wires at the switch end, one has a metal connector on it that I know goes to...
  3. Swap from AXD to BNZ

    Engine & Gearbox
    Trying to track down wiring diagrams for the AXD 2005-2006 and the BNZ 2009. Anyone have a clue where to find these?? regards Jonny
  4. Mondeo heated seat wiring

    Hi chaps, Anyone able to help with the wiring for the mondeo mk3 heated seats? They have 'cooling' as well which I'm not too bothered about. From what I've read on Ford forums is there is one signal wire that comes from the switch and seems to go to each seat for the squab and back element. The...
  5. Tweeter wiring?

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade the fitted speakers as the door ones have disintegrated. I have bought a Hertz energy ESK F 165.5 set which included a crossover and a new sony head unit. The door subs and head unit are done but finding it impossible to find the routing of the cabling for the...
  6. Steering column loom melted - help please

    Hello All, We bought a T4 1991 2.4D (leisure drive, high top camper) last Sept - now called Percy. We have had to do a few repairs so far: -fixing fog lamp -new ignition barrel and switch -new leisure & starter battery The last time Percy broke down, just after fixing the temperamental...
  7. Ignition pinout

    Does anyone have the ignition switch wiring diagram when compared to the plug (trying to fit an alarm so need IGN1 / IGN2 / ACC ) either positions on the plug or wire colours will do? have looked for 3 hours now on here and web, manual only shows starting circuit! :*
  8. No reverse light connector on switch.

    Found that my lack of reverse lights is due to a lack of connector in the reverse light switch in the engine bay. Had a good look round but can't find the damn thing, just got the switch with nothing in it. Simple enough to slave in power to the switch then run it back to the reverse lights...
  9. Eberspacher 801 Wiring

    T4 Conversions
    Hello all, I'm in the process of installing a new Eberspacer D2 with an 801 controller. I've got the wiring diagram from mellors below which seems to match up with the instructions. The only problem is the extra brown wire which is a main negative connected to earth at the D2 12v supply wiring...
  10. 1.9td wiring diagram

    does anyone have a wiring diagram for this model? And or bypass details for the immobiliser. If not looking more and more like having to pay someone to come and have a look ... Said with a tear in my eye! Neil
  11. Help needed with short

    I've got a short somewhere that's blowing the reversing lights fuse (10amp mini fuse) every time I select reverse gear. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or some clever advice to help get this sorted please. Thanks, Tone.
  12. T5 Non start. No power to solenoid.

    Hi all, New to this forum so hope this is the right procedure. I have a dead VW T5 2007 Diesel. Suddenly no power to solenoid exciter lead when key turned to 3rd start position. Some help identifying which relay receives signal from ignition and send on power to excite the starter. I have fired...
  13. Wiring Diagram

    Does any one have any information and or a wiring diagram to instal front fogs / cornering lights on a 60 plate T5.1 I have seen a few members sya they have done it. so gather it sholud be possible on mine. I Have the switch and lights just need to fabricate a loom to suit. I guess the looms...
  14. K.Line problem,ECU Pinout

    Hi all Got an T4 Transporter 00 that I lost K-Line on the Diag connector, and Yes I checked the Radio loom ,K-Line is not attached there. I was thinking of connect a shortcut from the ECU K-Line Pin direct to the Diag connector, But I need a Pinout on the ECU or the ECU connector,,, Does...

    Can anyone HELP !!! I urgently need an engine to dash wiring diagram for my 1992 2.0L Petrol T4 (AAC Engine) For some reason I am struggling on connecting my LAMBDA sensor, and from Google I'm getting conflicting diagrams for the wiring to the ECU. Really hope someone has a diagram they can...
  16. Help needed - wiring heated seats

    Hello, I've got myself some mazda rx8 seats. They're both heated and the drivers one has electric adjustment. I'm fine fitting them to the bases, but i'm struggling when it comes to the wiring...so i'm hoping someone may be able to help I: Here's the wiring diagram for the heaters: and...
  17. WHY & HOW to use a regulator (or not) for LED light fittings

    Technical Articles
    There has been much discussion here - This is a fresh thread with some updated diagrams, and some condensed information from other threads. ---------------------------------------------- WHY you might want to consider using a regulator: LEDs are a diode. A diode allows electricity in one...
  18. Dead Temprature Guage driving me nuts

    New T4 Members Forum
    I am having major problems trying to track down the reason why my temperature gauage has ceased to work. Long story but just to put everyone in the picture. It was all working fine then had waterpump replaced after which gauge would only go to a qtr temp and just sit there. (I have read up that...
  19. Wiring diagram needed please!!!!!

    Sorry pep's, strange question to post on the forum but does anyone know where i can download the seat wiring diagram for a set of 1990 Jaguar XJ40 XJR seats. Been looking on the net for ages but nothing. Shame to see them just sat here. Cheerz guy'sT: Keith
  20. General Camper wiring

    Technical Articles
    VERY IMPORTANT!! I was happy to place the various components in their locations, but I was NOT happy to wire it all together. I employed a local auto electrician to wire it all up. (See the links tab, mechanical for the name of the company that wired my van.) That way it was done properly. If...