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wiring loom

  1. Wing Mirror electric replacement T5

    Hi - I have a replacement passenger side wing mirror, electric and heated, to fit. All is straightforward apart from the wire loom. The existing cable loom connects under the passenger side dash somewhere. Do I connect the new one at the same place? If so, how do I get in there? Or do I use...
  2. 2008 T5 2.5 tdi wiring loom

    Hi everyone, does anybody know where i might be able to get my hands on an engine bay wiring loom for my 2008 2.5 tdi, it's the 4motion model if that makes a difference. I'm after the plug that plugs into the side of the head and connects to the injector loom, but i understand i may have to buy...
  3. Hello and Help!

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hello All, We bought a T4 1991 2.4D (leisure drive, high top camper) last Sept - now called Percy. We have had to do a few repairs so far: -fixing fog lamp -new ignition barrel and switch -new leisure & starter battery The last time Percy broke down, just after fixing the temperamental...
  4. Central Locking Wire

    Hi, I have seen and read the threads about the spliced central locking wire under the drivers seat corroding and causing faults but can anyone tell me where the second splice wire is meant to go as I am unsure whether someone has cut it and removed it or whether it has never been installed. I...
  5. Barn door dash light stays on!

    Morning people Im a bit baffled, I have a dash warning light for the rear barn door, I have changed the complete nearside lock (the one with the sensor) from another van i know is working, but it still shows on dash. Does this sound like a wiring problem i.e converter putting a screw in it down...
  6. R8 style DRL upgrade and DRL loom - Help!

    The Workshop
    Hi, T5, 06 plate 1.9 van conversion just about to start to Camper. Does anyone have a link to comprehensive instructions in fitting the Xtremevan R8 style lights and the wiring loom provided. The wiring loom makes it so the DRL's are on with the ignition. (XT333 T5 headlight upgrade kit)...
  7. T5 van dash wiring loom melted - diagrams for wiring needed

    Hi, While driving on the M25 my bro in law's 2007 transporter t28 swb van lit on fire, after ripping the radio out he managed to get the fire out but not before the wiring loom melted. Can anyone send me the links or email the pdf(s) of the dash wiring and fusebox diagrams? Thanks in advance!
  8. Wanted Wiring loom

    I'm looking for a fuse board to engine wiring loom for a 1.9 non turbo 1x engine. Mine has become very brittle and keeps breaking making the van unreliable Have fixed many times and gave mine reached point of just changing it out will be easier If anyone gas one or knows where there's one...
  9. Location of the 4motion wiring loom

    Engine & Gearbox
    A couple of weeks ago I posted about a problem with the 4motion system in my van, which you guys correctly diagnoised as not working properly, so I hoped that you'd be able to help me further The garage have explained that one of the haldrex valves are open and this might be caused by a fault...
  10. Road light wires behind fuse box... (Brakes etc.)

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, I've had a crazy idea.. I am installing sets of LED strips under the dash (5 colors each side) so I can change the colors as I'm driving. Then I thought: wouldn't it be cool if, like, everything went red when you press the brake, and one side flashes with the indicator? Etc.. Only...
  11. replacing Gamma Radio with RCD200 - help on wiring please

    Hi, We've recently invested in an 05 plate T5 window van (semi pimped) and want to update the head unit to a VW CD. I've picked up an RCD200 from ebay. In my innocence, I assumed I would just be able to swap the Gamma for the rcd200 in a plug 'n' play style. I took out the Gamma (plus the...
  12. Site for T4/5 wiring looms

    Aftermarket wiring looms cruise, foglights, MFA's etc (link courtesy of Bangbus A:) https://www.carmediauk.com/store/Retrofit-solutions/Volkswagen/T4/
  13. Big quote - shorting problem

    For a while now my ex AA T4 has been holding back in cold or damp conditions. Various suggestions as to the problem. A diagnosis at the local VW centre said new wiring loom needed - chaffing of wires has resulted in a bare wire and arcing. So a quote of £500 odd for a new loom and labour. In...