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  1. Oxfordshire
    The usual meet date of Sunday 7th July is CANCELLED. Many people are off to CamperJam - see you there! We will be attending the Witney Motor Show this Thursday, from 6pm til 9pm. You can arrive before 6 to park your van up, and it's not a problem if you come later or need to leave before 9pm -...
  2. Oxfordshire
    So a plan has been hatched by Forum members of the Oxfordshire Parish to have a cruise out on Sunday 27th January T: Current destination is Nelsons Diner, Near Newbury - should be confirmed today T: at which point this thread will be updated with location details. There will be meet up points...
  3. Oxfordshire
    WITNEY MOTOR SHOW POSTPONED UNTIL 26th July Who's interested in being part of a Forum stand? Surely we can get a decent crew together for this?! What do you think? It's taking place in the Henry Box playing fields, on Ducklington Lane. £2 per adult to get in, but if you're showing a vehicle...
1-3 of 3 Results