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wont start

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  1. General Technical
    Van wouldn't start earlier. It had been raining buckets. Engine turns over fine and battery seems fine (12.6v). I opened up the bonnet and noticed that the left hand side of the engine seemed very wet (side with air filters). I reckon maybe a leaf might have blocked the drainage hole below the...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    I posted an original thread relating to thinking it was a fuel line issue of some sorts. But I think its more electrical and may be something others have an issue with. The van is a 1.9 Diesel T4 and it basically stopped while driving and now won't start again. Video below tried adding but...
  3. General Technical
    Hi my van was fine last night went out to start today and it turns but no firing, I have had no problems with slow starting otherwise would of suspected glow plugs, took off induction and tried the hair dryer trick to put warm air in too with no result, cracked off a injector and there is no...
  4. New T4 Members Forum
    Got my 99T4 2.4td Syncro about a month ago(bought blind of ebay), running sweet been Scotland and back. I had an ex ambulance t25 syncro a while back....loved it but boy, was that 1.9d turbo a bag of **** or what? Hoping for better things with this baby. Shame it just didn't start yesterday!:(...
  5. Electrical
    Hi all, firstly great forum! Long time reader, first time poster. So I have a VW T4 Transporter '98 Petrol. When trying to start it wont catch. I sprayed a little starter fuel into the air pipe and that started up 1st time but quickly died. I then went to the fuel filter and saw fuel was...
  6. Fuel
    Need help have a t4 van which wont start. Has diesel in her ,turns over fine and glow plug light goes out anyone any ideas:( Thanks Ads
1-6 of 6 Results