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  1. General Van Chat
    just fitted a sunroof in van yesterday, donor vehicle was a peugeot 106 , with help from andy (liquidquick), being's he's aleady fitted one in his van, thought he would be the ideal canidate to be nominated to cut the hole in the roof, unfortunately, we could not use the template we used for his...
  2. General Van Chat
    parked up and some numpty not leaving enough room, smashed my mirror, dont you just hate it when that happens worcester meet, sat 16th jan , nightingale pub from 1pm, all welcome
  3. The Pub
    Wishing everyone a happy christmas and very good new year (may the vw events be plentyful) have a good one all, from hereford/worcester area, *<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>*<:-)>
  4. T Spotting
    Spotted in staples carpark, worcester, around 6pm
  5. T Spotting
    we saw this numpty and his bad parking in tesco worcester, i think he works there and he obviuously cant walk far as he was parked nearest the entrance door, lol
1-5 of 7 Results