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  1. Haynes Workshop Manual For 2001 2.4 Syncro

    General Van Chat
    Hi. I have been looking for the Haynes manual for my van for a while and I can find the manual for the non-syncro Transporter. These manuals do not cover the Syncro unfortunately. Is there a separate manual for Syncro vans?
  2. T4 Workshop Manual

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi All T4 owners! Does anybody know if there is a good T4 shop manual out? Mine is a T4 1994 vintage with a 5 cylinder 2.4 litre Diesel, no Turbo! cheers bjorn
  3. T5 Workshop Manual for Apple?

    General T5 Technical
    Hello all! 1st post here and hopefully not a stupid one. Was wondering if anyone is using a workshop manual other than Elsawin, as they appear to only operate on windows, ........and I'm on an Apple. People's experiences with Elsawin sometimes sound fraught enough without me then running it...
  4. T26 workshop manual

    General T4 Chat
    Is there a workshop manual for a T26 84tdi 2006 that anyone would recommend?
  5. Workshop manual covering syncros

    T4 Syncro Garage
    Hi folks, I am the recent owner of a '97 2.4D Caravelle Syncro. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever seen a workshop manual that covers the syncro system. Cheers Ali
  6. head gasket problem. Help

    Engine & Gearbox
    I live in france and think my head gasket has gone.when i try to start the van with the rad cap off water shots out about 20cm. i asked the local garage for a quote and he said between €800 - €2000.I decided to do it myself.can anybody tell me the best place to get the the bits and a good...
  7. DVD VW Manuals

    General T4 Chat
    Anybody bought or used this manual? Sounds good but would be interested to know how useful it is...