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  1. Buying a T5

    General T5 Chat
    Hi - had my T4 Camper for 4 years now - 45k trouble free miles. Love it. My wife wishes to start a small business and is looking to buy a T5 Can anyone here please suggest the best model/year and what to look out for. Heard the odd horror stories about gearbox, drive shafts, flywheels etc...
  2. Preferred/best year for the T4

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all I'm new to the site and forums W: I'm in the market for a T4 and have read loads about them but was wondering... What is the best/Preferred year for the T4 if there is one? :* I'm looking for a 97-03 but I don't know why I chose 97 lol is there any difference between the 96 and 97? I read...
  3. Storing a van for a year

    General Van Chat
    So on Saturday I got bored and decided that as I have no job and a bit of cash I would book a flight to New Zealand for a year (via Indo for 2 months surfing of course). YAAAYYY!!! Unfortunately that also means that I have to do something with my van for a year. BOOOO! I have thought about...