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  1. Vans For Sale
    Now Sold my yellow, ex AA T4 2002 transporter based near Bangor, North Wales Fantastic 2.5 TDI engine chipped at factory as per that . AA van. Has original folding and removable seats in the back, tinted windows, a ply base in the back that can be pulled over rear folding seats to make a king...
  2. T Spotting
    A glorious happenstance. Clocked the same handsome ex AA with black visor twice in one day in the Manor House area. Few enough T4s left in the big smoke let alone sunshine wagons. ? ?
  3. Team Yellow
    As Summer is soon approaching we thought we'd create a Sunny Yellow Campervan to blend in with the lovely as always British weather! LOL: Would love to hear some feedback! T:
  4. Team Yellow
    so 1 week since i got my first vw and all seems good so far...
  5. Team Yellow
    Here is my first VW T4, bought it at the end of summer. It will spend it's days between homes in Kernow and Mid Wales. Hoping to self convert it next summer so I can sleep and cook in the back for surf/bike trips. Please comment what you think of it :)
  6. Team Yellow
    2 and a half years on , I got my bumpers done this week! JND Resprays in Cadnam, Hampshire did an awesome job for me really very pleased with the result. more pics of the fantastic job they did on JND Reprays Facebook page here...
  7. Vans For Sale
    Unfortunately (to many) I've moved over to the darkside (T5 Caravelle) and now have to pass on our fantastic BigBird. A 2.5 TDi SWB T4. Twin SLiding Doors. VW Yellow NOT AA. 140K Miles fully serviced and maintained locally. New CamBelt kit with water pump at 120K running on semi synthetic...
  8. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all, Just thought I'd take a moment to say hi. After selling my T5 last year to fund my wedding and having a year of switching from one car to another i have finally bought myself a T4 - after making the decision to buy one i started seaching ebay and similar on a daily/hourly basis...
  9. Team Yellow
    Hi all, after selling my T5 last year to fund my wedding and having a year of switching from one car to another i have finally bought myself a T4 - after making the decision to buy one i started seaching ebay and similar on a daily/hourly basis!! This one came up and i decided to put in...
  10. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Anyone come across something looking like this. I am wanting to put some lines on my T4 in an upcoming partial re-spray (to repair minor rust areas) From the bottom of the bumper right up and over to the rear bumper AND The same lines down the side above the side skirt...
  11. Team Yellow
    Can I join team yellow please :ILU: More pics to follow (full conversion been completed inside) then wheels and paint next, anyone know where I can pick up trim panels for the 'B' post and windows, Just kampers do a complete set but I just need trim panels for the windows and B post etc ??
  12. General Van Chat
    managed to finally get a tin, to paint out my chips:
  13. New T4 Members Forum
    just thought I would say hi , I have put a deposit down on my first T4 picking it up on sunday - good times its very tidy but will need lowering and some rims ............looking forward too dubs at the castle . And picking up tips and ideas on here.
  14. T Spotting
    Hi all. I was followed by a Yellow T4 Ex AA up the Wombourne to Sedgley road tonight at about 5:30pm. It turned off to go along the Northway. Just wondered if it was anybody on here?
  15. The Workshop
    Hey, Thought that as my T5 was in having its first bit of work done I should start my build thread. He she is for starters then, before any work: my ex -AA T5 in all her yellow glory: Now I must wait patiently while my side windows and rear seats are fitted :) :gl
  16. Customising / Modding
    I've been asking around for a while now about what the best way to repaint the van will be. Reason no one will say for sure is because there isn't an answer. The 'best' way is to hand it over to a specialist who will carefully remove all the fittings, seals, windows, everything, repair all the...
  17. Parts For Sale
    Evening all. I'm starting the stripdown of my ex-AA T4, and the first part to be removed is the Eberspacher Handiwash Unit. It is exactly as removed, and was in working order as far as I know (Only had the van a week, and never used it!). It comes with the mounting bracket, and a waste...
  18. General T4 Chat
    Has anynone Carpeted the back and kept the tool racking? I like the idea of being able to refit the tool cabs but have the rear of the van insulated and carpeted. I know it would make refitting the bulk head a bit tighter but other then that it should be possible? Its there any company who...
1-18 of 18 Results