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I have a brr engine coded 1.9 t5 85hp model that has been chipped and dynoed to 140bhp.

I want to upgrade the turbo since i believe the stock one might be a bit restricting with the power increase.I got a hold of a brand new turbo from the pd150 engine(cant remember engine code),it has a bigger compressor and turbine wheel.Otherwise it seems quite plug and play except for the downpipe mounting is different.The transporter original turbo uses a band type clamp and the new upgrade turbo(pd150) uses a 3 bolt flange.

Im building an adapter to fit the oem downpipe to the new turbo.I have already machined the new 3 bolt flange but I need dimensions for the band style clamping flange on the stock turbo.I need this car almost daily and cant afford to remove the turbo to get measurements to machine this flange.

Does somebody know what this band style flange is called?What the dimensions are for it or were i could order it?

This is a picture of the stock turbo and v band style flange.
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