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hi all,
recently fitted boost gauge and manual boost controller to very low milage 1.9 td.
have not increased fuel yet and been running boost really low. just above standard around 10psi (occasionaly spike to 12psi) only been driving this set up for about 2 weeks. if anything - it spooled up a bit more readily but never got driven hard.
just noticed small amount of oil around boost gauge take off pipe on the inlet manifold and around the compressor/actuator pipe at the compressor end. it would seem the oil is coming from inside the compressor.

have I damaged my lovely low milage turbo?

I'm trying to find the blanking pipe from the inlet manifold to see if theres any oil inside so I can be sure the appearence of oil is since the boost controller was fitted. dont know? suppose its not bad but its there!

any thoughts please?
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