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Ive just completed a rebuild on a 2007 Transporter T5, BRS engine code, 1.9 tdi pd.

But I stupidly pulled the wires out of the crankshaft position sensor and I don't know which way they go back in... clumsy fool, i know.

there are three wires on my loom, brown, black and white.

I have another loom from same engine, but it came out of a seat Toledo and the wires are different colour. The pins are

1: black / red stripe
2: purple
3: brown / blue stripe

Hopefully someone can help me find a wiring diagram that covers the wire colours for the sensor
I've hunted but can't find the answer. I don't have a manual.

thank you in advance

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thought while i was waiting i would post more information about the rebuild.

i bought a former taxi t5 with 300kmiles on the clock. told the egine had been changed (lies) a 100k ago.

the van has been well looked after but here's some observations and why it needed a full engine rebuild.

main engine bearings had begun to collapse, and the crank was floating free inside bearing cap 1 and 2. the bearing cap was stretched ovalled approximately 1mm and the main bearing shell pretty pulverised. number 2 (of 5 bearings (4 cyl 1.9 engine) was wrecked too, the others were scored. t
The alu piece that caps the timing belt end of the crankshaft was cracked from the crank moving.
all the shells, big ends and mains were quite badly scored by metal particles in the oil.
the top end was clattery due to lost oil pressure, lost through the collapsed shells.
Cam wear was very minimal, no sharp edges on the lobes, no damage to shells, only the beginnings of wear.
Took the parts to engine specilaist who confirmed only minor wear on the cam and buckets.
Pistons had quite a bit of fwd/bkwd slop, the bores were quite worn, but not damaged.

Unfortunately the main shells had rotated in the block, scoring their seating surfaces, on shell 1 and 2.
So the block was scrap.

I got a spare engine from a scrapyard, from a toledo. So long as the engine is mounted across the engine bay, it's the same block.
Cross mounted means the oil coller assembly is the same part, otherwise the oil cooler is a different shape and the block doesn't match.
The new block had 150k on it. I decided to strip it to check it before rebuilding and putting back in the van,.

Internally it was much better, much tighter fitting pistons/bores, perfect crank, perfect shells except for one, the first on the timing belt side, which had a tiny fragment missing, about 2mmx4mm. SO i replaced the main shells, and rebuilt using all new bolts etc.
Used the block and crank/pistons from the Toledo, the sump (and oil pickup) and head from the Transporter, the camshaft from the transporter but the buckets from the toledo.

The toledo cam had wear on the lobes of cyl4, but the buckets were in better condition than the transporter.
So a hybrid of both engines is now back in the van, I'm in the middle of plumbing it in again.

Replacement engine £200
Parts for rebuild £260
#sold a bunch of seats out of the back (former taxi) for £350! yay...

If you can help me with the crank shaft wiring, I'd be very grateful.
Free jokes for whoever can help
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