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In a 1.9td ABL there are 3 different watertemp sensors ;

The two wire one (partnr. 251919501D) dictates glow-plug operation. see http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=5978498&postcount=20 for more info on glowplug operation in an ABL

The 4-wire one (partnr. 701919369C) controls the gauge and the aux water pump. The sensor has a temp variable resistor (NTC) for the gauge and a switch for the aux pump. (yellow/red is the gauge, the two identical ones are mass and the other one goes to the aux pump). That's the pump that keeps circulating the water if the engine is still too hot after cutting the ignition. The sensor switches on at 93°C and back off again at 88°C)

These 2 are located on the right front side of the engine on the water inletflange.

The 2-speed radiator fans are controlled by a third 3-wire sensor (partrn. 701959481) plugged into the radiator itself.
The sensor switches on at 87°C and of at 76°C for speed 1 and on at 93°C and off at 82°C for speed 2.

All info above is for the 1.9td ABL engine only.
Hope this clears up the confusion around the temp sensors
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