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sc vw customs 1.9tdi convert
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relsiting these due to a timewaster at dubaid who has not contacted me...could of sold them twice over,so not too happy

OZ opera 2's 2 piece split rims 5 x 112
8.5 x 17 fronts et 36
10 x 17's rear et 19
These have been split and refurbed at some point and are in lovely condition....Black lips,gloss white centres..sorry no centre caps or spigots but easily found on ebay
Fitted with 225/45/17 all round..3 x mich's and 1 xconti,same tread pattern though...94w rears 6mm on all
Rears have a small safe load rated stretch
These are a rare set of opera's in a staggered fitment....not found to often with a 10j rear

They have been sat in my workshop for a while now,so have a few little storage marks,nothing to take away from the look..you would have to be on your hands with a magnifing glass to see them on one wheel..lol..I have moved them now from my place of work to my house to stop them getting dirty or marked,but the wife wants them gone..

£530 couriered for these or £500 collected

I have offered these up to my van and they fit fine with my 40mm drop...60mm would still be ok i think,but any lower you may struggle...a tyre change would sort this...but that would be down to you..
You will defo be spacing your slider rail with these....they will go on but will definatly need some work...once they are on though they will defo be worth it...these will look sweet..

cheers simon.07917830378

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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