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as title says i have a 15'' drop down roof screen,i bought it because the one in my van wasnt working but it turned out it was the head unit that was faulty,i am useless at these things thats why its taken from august 08 till sunday past to find out it was the head unit but i will post what it says on the box

15'' flip down video monitor
overhead console with flip down bracket
tft active matrix display
wide angle off axis visability
resolution 1152x234 pixels
front panel controls
swivel bracket permits 45 degree left/right rotation
ntsc/pal compation

there is 2 interior lights on the console-it is used but good condition and working,i bought it 2nd hand as i needed to try it to eliminate my screen,like back what i paid for it £80 plus post or could bring to bug jam 17-19th,cheers

im about as good at putting pics on photobucket/forum as i am at fixing dvd players but i can e mail interested parties a pic,cheers again

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