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I'm selling my wheel as I've run out of money to complete my conversion, i'm probably losing the drive so I have to make some sacrifices.
They are Dare RS 16"
9j wide rears et25
8j fronts et20
tyres are Event 205/50/15 (91 load rating) slight stretch on the rears, done about 1000 miles as the van has been parked up since november
no kerbing
straight and true.
The only problem is a bit of spidering under the lacquer on one of the rears near the valve a couple of inches long
5x100 and 5x112

if your van is pre-96 then they go on fine with no sliding door issues as the track is slightly narrower on these vans, post-96 you'll have to space the sliding door
No rubbing and i'm sat on the bumpstops

Look brilliant imo

looking for £375 all in including spigot rings

Here's how they sit on my van. Can't get individual pictures at the moment as its parked at my missus's and we aren't talking at the momentI:

IMGP2102 by iconauto, on Flickr

IMGP2101 by iconauto, on Flickr

IMGP2104 by iconauto, on Flickr

IMGP2103 by iconauto, on Flickr

Its about time I showed up
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Want! H: These are that without tyres on ebay.. Nice. If only you put this up in a week or so hsy:
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