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Hello all.
I’m sure this has been discussed before but could anyone shed some light on my problem.
I have a Transporter T5 174 sport line 2007 2.5 BPC with a forge intercooler, k&n filter, sports exhaust with just one centre silencer and a Pendle remap with DPF and EGR deleted180000 miles on the clock.
I have been getting power loss over the last year. Start it up lots of power and huge amounts of black smoke on acceleration and gets up to cruising speed nicely. After keeping a steady speed for a few minutes you put your foot down and there is no power at all. Flick the ignition off and on and it takes off with lots of power again but then dies the power loss thing again. Plugged into VAG com and it doesn’t throw up a single fault code.
Had had a look and found the intercooler had split and the acculator shaft on the turbo had failed.
Have had a new turbo, intercooler , air mass & air filter fitted which has cured the black smoke issue but still getting the power loss after initial acceleration. Checked the DPF and found big chunks breaking off so cleared that out and still no joy.
Checked the exhaust manifold and doesn’t appear to be cracked or damaged.
Has anyone else had this problem that they could shed some light on it please.
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