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Hi all, I've just had my van fail on "integral body structure or chassis has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its stregnth within a 30cm of a body mounting central front (chassis cross member corroded affecting security of pipes and radiator"

I've been quoted 6 hours labour and £390 including vat for the part.

Am I having my pants pulled down?

The reason I ask is firstly, the only crossmember parts I can see available from the usual suspects are about £220 including VAT and delivery although they are aftermarket. Secondly on doing a google search somebody claims to have replaced his in an hour and a half!! I'm assuming from the description of whats wrong that the part required is the front lower crossmember with headlamp frames above it. Am I getting something wrong? Is there another more awkward crossmember part that needs doing as well? Please help. I don't mind paying the garage if it's a fair quote but I just don't quite get the part price or the number of hours labour supposedly required. At first I thought it must require welding but others seem to think this is not the case and it's a bolt on part.
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