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Hi all,

Just thought I would add this after doing a head gasket test on me Velle:


Water/white stuff on oil funnel/cap (but in the Velle's defence it does 3 miles a week)

Check each cylinder pressure.

Technical Level - 1 = non mechanically minded ---- 5 being a mechanic:
2 and I'm no mechanic - I'm a web designer!

First of all you will need the following:
<img src="http://i885.photobucket.com/albums/ac59/chalkmyster/engine/IMG_0122.jpg" alt="" border="0">
Plus vehicle and key I:

Listed version:
Cylinder Pressure Test Kit (try to borrow this, a good tool, expensive to buy, possible use once in a life time).
Sprocket set with Spark Plug removal sprockets
Wire brush
Cloth (to wipe your hands)

Remove 4 bolts (1993 model - not sure on years) top right and left of radiator:

<img src="http://i885.photobucket.com/albums/ac59/chalkmyster/engine/IMG_0112.jpg" alt="" border="0">

Lift the radiator you will see that on either side that the radiator is hinged, pull it forward and you will notice you now have an extra 3" (size matters!) to play with:

<img src="http://i885.photobucket.com/albums/ac59/chalkmyster/engine/IMG_0113.jpg" alt="" border="0">

Remove one Spark plug at one time, whilst installing the Pressure gauge in to that chamber, and try to start the engine. Mine started after a few turns but then I immediately turned the engine off.

View of Spark plug:
<img src="http://i885.photobucket.com/albums/ac59/chalkmyster/engine/IMG_0120.jpg" alt="" border="0">
Not sure on colour of tip of spark plug - I'm sure it shows sign of an ok engine :confused:

Take note of the pressure reached and re-install the spark plug, you may want to clean the spark plug with a wire brush.

Do the above to each cylinder one at a time.

Points to Note:
Do not remove all HT leads at once - will result in engine non-starting or miss firing.<br>
Do not over tighten the spark plugs.
Check thread of spark plug and ensure spark plug hole is clear of debris, whilst ensuring that no debris enters the cylinders’.

My cylinders’ measured the following:

60, 60, 80 (but started), 80 (but started) and 60 (reached 80 when started).
Not sure what to make of the results, should I fit a new head gasket?

I'm no mechanic but found this really easy but you will need the Cylinder Pressure Kit which can be quite expensive to buy if you’re only going to use it every now and then. As mentioned before I'm a web designer and am trying to get my Velle on the road, ready for my family and I to enjoy on a budget.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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hi feel your test may be a little floored .. you should have disconnect the HT lead from the coil to prevent the engine from starting , just so you get a more accurate measure across all four / five cylinders

also doing a compression test would not really be the best way to check the condition of your head gasket , the compression may be down on one or more cylinder due to many different factors like worn rings or valve seats ect ect

is your van using lots of water ? or are you getting a pressurised water system .. the reason i ask is the oil filler cap sits quite high so any moisture in the engine oil collects on the highest point( filler cap ) and give you a light coating of creamy goo .. if you head gasket has gone and you suspect your getting water in the oil just pull the dipstick out and check that for the same creamy oil water mix goo

my guess is if your not using unusual amount of water and the vans not in daily use s
I must agree with you when the engine kicked in that the test wasn't going to plan :(, I like to try and do a bit of DIY.

It's not losing any water and again the engine can only have done 20 miles or so within the last 2 months that I have had it. The previous owner had it in his drive for other 1 1/2 and only covering 2000 miles or so in 2 years.

I just thought at the time, whilst I add me buddy with the compresion tester, to test the pressure of each cyclinder.

Hopefully the Velle will be on the road by next week and will be used daily, but I have just broke a water bleed valve, the one that sits above the engine entering the heater matrix, but don't know where to get one from :confused:
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