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hi feel your test may be a little floored .. you should have disconnect the HT lead from the coil to prevent the engine from starting , just so you get a more accurate measure across all four / five cylinders

also doing a compression test would not really be the best way to check the condition of your head gasket , the compression may be down on one or more cylinder due to many different factors like worn rings or valve seats ect ect

is your van using lots of water ? or are you getting a pressurised water system .. the reason i ask is the oil filler cap sits quite high so any moisture in the engine oil collects on the highest point( filler cap ) and give you a light coating of creamy goo .. if you head gasket has gone and you suspect your getting water in the oil just pull the dipstick out and check that for the same creamy oil water mix goo

my guess is if your not using unusual amount of water and the vans not in daily use s
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