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Hello all, Just considering a move and may have to sell the T4. It's been pretty bulletproof over the half dozen years I've owned it but is showing a few bubbles and brown stuff around the edges (I think they call it 'rust', but I refuse to accept it's existence), usual areas; arches, bottom of the slider. It is still my every day vehicle - first time start and all that. It is still on it's first engine/gearbox/clutch as far as I'm aware but still drives perfectly (179,000 miles and climbing)...new cambelt about 6k ago and rear suspension replaced in April at MOT time. I've uploaded an album on Flickr, here...

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157630541007452/

I'm just learning how to use Flickr, so someone give me a shout if you can't see the photos. More info about mileage etc should appear with the album.

I was hoping to get around 4,500. Is this realistic?

Cheers all for your time in responding.


p.s. I'm based in Hove, if anyone fancies a drive-by.
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