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Hi all,

I know this is my first post, but I'm looking to buy my first t4 which would need to be LWB due to both my girlfriend and I being tall plus taking our dog with us. Once I've got it, I'll hopefully become and active member of the forum and will no doubt be tinkering with it...

I've seen a 1997 t4 LWB Syncro with windows all round which has been converted into a camper but would need some doing to make it how I'd like it but it's a good start and still has the middle row of seats in the back. It's got a split charge system, two solar panels, gas hob, sink

It's a 2.5L petrol/LPG done 240k miles and has recently been fully serviced inc LPG system, Syncro & VC, gearbox, rear diff, new clutch etc etc and any welding done and rust replaced with fresh metal etc.

It is a LHD which I think will affect the value here in UK but I'm sure I'd get used to driving it...

Can anyone give me an idea of what you think it's worth please?

Thanks in advance 🙂
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