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Yellow ex-AA van with side windows.
182,672 miles.
Located near Knighton on the Shropshire-Welsh border.

Sad to be letting this go like this, especially since has just passed its MOT (19th May 2009). Almost immediately after the MOT the Fuel Pump set up needed replacing, which was done…and then the Cam Belt went. I’m not a mechanic and was considering selling anyway, so have decided to sell now. There are still a lot of good bits, so hopefully of interest for spares or to repair.

Cannot be driven, so would need trailer or could be towed to collect – Cam Belt stripped of teeth, therefore not starting. Decided not to get repair myself, but there are loads of good bits making it worth repairing or to be used for spares.

MOT til May 2010
No Tax (Declared on SORN in June 2009)

Van in reasonable condition, including:
• New Flywheel and Clutch Assembly (April 2008);
• New Starter Motor (April 2008);
• New near side front outer CV Joint (January 2009);
• New Power Steering Rack (May 2009);
• New Fuel Pump Belt, Tensioner, and Idler (June 2009);
• Tyres in good condition plus 3 spare wheels and tyres;
• Removable double seat in back with seat belts;
• Tow bar, electrics working fine;
• 3 keys;
• Body work in good condition with a few small dents and rust spots.

It does have a few issues:
• Often a slight crunch when going into 3rd gear – has been like this since we got the van in March 2007 and is no worse after doing about 20,000 miles.
• Aerial broken.
• Small leak in water pump.

Would rather sell the whole van complete, but I may consider breaking and selling parts so you can always get in touch with any requests / offers and I can let you know.

Photos here: http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/album.php?albumid=834

Happy to provide further details or further photos, just let me know.

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