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For sale is my 1999 VW transporter 1.9TD.

I have owned the van for 2 years gradually turning it into a weekend campervan.

I am the 3rd owner of this van, although the V5 states 4 as there was a mistake when I changed my address and never got round to correcting it.

MOT: 05th March 2012
Tax: February 2012

Service History and Recent work:

Current Mileage 119000.

· De-Cat pipe fitted: 31/08/2011.
· New Alternator and PAS belts fitted August 2011.
· New fuel filter fitted August 2011 (Gen VW).
· New wiper blades fitted July 2011.
· 5th Gear Mod: July 2011Genuine VW Parts used.
· New alternator April 2011.
· MAJOR Service in December at 115789 Miles carried out by Eurovans Brighton = £165

o New rear brake discs and pads + 1x calliper
o New front arm bushes.
o Oil leak repaired on filter housing.

· Pas Belt adjusted at 112019 by Eurovans Brighton.
· Accelerator cable replaced on 27/08/2009.
· OIL Service and Cambelt changed in August 2009 at 108451 Miles carried out by Eurovans Brighton £189.
· New starter motor August 2009.
· Coolant and housing replaced on 20/06/2007 at 92799 Miles (Previous Owner). £147.13
· MAJOR Service on 02/04/2007 at 91072 Miles (Previous Owner). £314.76

o Brake fluid also changed.
o Handbrake cable replaced.

As you can see the van has been very well cared for over the last 30k miles.

Engine & Running Gear:
The engine runs well, always starts first time and uses no oil or water. It has only covered 3000 miles since the last service.

The van drove really well just returned from a 600 mile round trip to Cornwall without any issues.

In my opinion the only thing that I think would benefit from changing is the front shocks as at 118500 miles they are probably due for replacement. The clutch does not slip and the van pulled well when fully loaded with camping gear etc.

The gearbox selects all gears smoothly.

The wheels fitted are from a Mk1 VW Phaeton and therefore are extremely rare and took some searching to find, In the end they were shipped to me from Germany, not everyone's cup of tea but they are different to Audi 18 rims fitted to many vans, all wheels have useable tyres with 4mm plus treads fitted.

The 5th gear ratio has also been changed which is a good modification that brings the revs down at 70mph from 3500 to 2900rpm, trust me this is the best thing I have done. I also used genuine VW gears.

The rear of the van has been insulated and carpeted and the floor is ply covered and has a carpet fitted. There is a Cannons Forge rock and roll bed fitted which easily seats 3 and converts into a very comfortable and large bed space. At the front I have just fitted a wooden kitchen cupboard for some extra storage space. Up front there is the folding front double seat with 1x 3point belt and 1x lapbelt fitted (Standard). Both this seat and the drivers seat have animal seat covers fitted. The dash does have a hole in it where the previous owner had his/her mobile phone mounted to the dash (this has never bothered me).

I have also had the vehicle type changed from 'panel van' to 'van with windows' and the number of seats fitted from 3 to 6. This will help with insurance and carrying more than 3 people with the cannons forge bed.

The van has had some paintwork done in the past so it very presentable to look at, and cleans up very well. I have always covered the wheel arches etc with waxoyl as a preventative measure and do this to all of my cars. The bumpers and mirrors are colour coded.

· Spec:
· Alpine head unit with IPOD connection.
· Uprated speakers and sub etc.
· 2x Side windows fitted as pictured.
· Tailgate.
· Cup holders fitted in glovebox.
· Lowered 40mm on heavy duty springs.
· Sigma alarm with only 1x key fob.
· 3x Keys with transponder for immobilisor.
· Body coloured bumpers and mirrors.
· Towbar + electrics (not used by me so not sure if fully functioning).
· PAS.
· Fully insulated and carpet lined.
· Ply lined floor.
· Carpeted floor.
· Good sound system etc.
· Wheels are from a VW Phaeton and very rare is great condition with no curbing.
· Cannons Forge Full Width Bed with 3x 3 point seat belts.
· Up-rated headlight loom fitted, improves the very poor standard headlight beams.
· VR6 Style front splitter.
· Somewhat faded blue/black bonnet cover.
· 5TH Gear modification.
· De-Cat exhaust section fitted.
· 6 Seater.

Bad points (If any):

· The front shocks will need to be replaced soon as they can feel soft over speed humps, normal driving they are fine.
· The roof trim centre piece is sagging at the front, this can be replaced with standard or 3mm ply readily available on ebay for about £50.

All in all a great van with a pretty good specification in fantastic condition ready for further upgrading or weekends away.

Notes on sale:
I am in no immediate rush to sell so please anyone interested should call first to discuss and arrange viewings etc. I will not respond to emails that ask "what is your best price" or any silly offers. It is not worth my time in responding. To clarify, only people with a genuine interest in buying the van please.

A deal can be had if you want to bring your own wheels and I keep the Phaetons etc.

This van is in lovely condition, and has had a lot of time and money spent on it by me along with hours of my own time put into it. It also has a lot of the desirable modifications carried out already.

Reason for sale: The van is hardly used anymore due to company car.

Price £5250 ono.

Tel: Gareth on 07912 697 957


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Hi, I've got the same Phaeton wheels on my Caravelle, 16 inch Phaeton winter wheels, as far as i can tell they were an option only available in Europe. Only seen one other set on a t4, before now. I like:, think they look the part, funilly enough I did the same as you, bought on German ebay and couriered over to the uk, I since managed to source a brand new boxed one, so have 5 one as a matching spare. Sorry to hijack your for sale thread, nice looking van, good luck with the sale. mikey

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I love the look of this van, I was watching it on the bay of flea's, I only wish I had the pennies!!

Good luck with the sale mate, have a bump on me!! T: :ILU:

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I am open to sensible offers.

Obviously it will be taxed next month, I am happy to knock the cost of this off the price, although its bound to be easier for me to tax it for you.

I will be getting it MOT'd after the 15th of Feb, if anyone is genuinely interested it can probably be done sooner or negotiated in the price, I have no concerns regarding the MOT as its only done about 3000 miles since the last one.
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