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Hi guys,
I’m Joe from Woking in surrey. I’m posting this on behalf of my Dad who has a 1997 T4 Caravelle. It’s a 2.4 D and had the automatic transmission.

the alternator belt snapped, made its way into the cam casing and made the belt jump one tooth. Luckily no damage done to the engine!

I have searched the internet and have not been able to find any information on this. Only for manual T4.

how do I set the crank to TDC? All I see is a cutout in the bell housing with a mark on the torque converter but nothing I can see to line that up to? Am I doing something wrong?
I timed it up with it set to the middle of the cut out, rotated the engine and all was ok. It did start up but puffs a bit of white smoke so the timing is out.
I did lock the pump and the cam up so I would imagine my crank is most likely out.

help or advice is highly appreciated!

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