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Right then.....

I drove down to Freiburg in southern Germany (a 12hr trip). About 20mins after we arrived at our apartment I tried to start the van and all it did was turn over. Arrgghhhh!!!!:eek:

The next morning, I called out their AA, and the blokey said it was a software problem, re-booted it, and it started. Hooray!
Two hours later.... it wouldn't start. In my frustration, I left the ignition on, and while I was smashing my head against the A post, I heard the fuel pump start, so I turned the key and it started.

Long story short... I got it to a VW garage, who did a diagnostic and told me there wasn't anything wrong!!!
So, we drove on to Austria, and guess what....yep, it wouldn't start again!!

It runs fine when it's started, and we ended up doing 3200miles in it.

I didn't do anything else repairwise, as if I leave the ignition on for a minute or two, it'll start, but I know there's a problem.

Any ideas?.....Please??!!:confused:
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