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Hi this is kind of another cold starting issue,

ive just had a load of work done to my van, and part of that was new belts and the pump timing done, now apparently the pump timing was completly out before and now the garage has it spot on according to vag com, but now i have an occasional coldstart issue where i have to turn the key 3 time without cranking, then i crank, get a spluttery start, a load of white smoke then away i go no problem after that and is running sweet.
in the past i have fitted the bigger bosch injectors from ryanp on here and also done the basics like decat and cleaned and blanked egr and previously its always started fine without even waiting for glowplugs. although it ran pants and the turbo didnt seem to do alot. but with the cleaning and tweeks for the mechanic it now runs quick...

the garage tested the wiring to the glow plugs and the glow plugs themselves and they are fine, the only thing he has found to be wrong is that when you disconnect the water temp sensor its supposed to tell the ecu its a negative temp so the glow plugs stay on for the full 10 or more seconds, but mine is reading 23degrees, so the glow plugs will only stay on for a split second, so when its abit cold its not long enough ( even though ive never waited for them before??) does something need altering to suit the bigger injectors?... and how do i make my ecu keep the glow plugs on longer? any help will be much appreciated
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